The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 – Character Illustrations

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2

The character illustrations for Arslan and Daryun for The Heroic Legend of Arslan TV anime’s second season were unveiled on the show’s official website. The two character illustrations feature both characters as they appear in the upcoming second season f the anime, Arslan Senki: Fūjin Ranbu (The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance).

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 "Arslan"

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 "Daryun"

The staff and cast from the first series returns to reprise their respective roles and duties in the new series which will premiere in July 2016. The Heroic Legend of Arslan second season will premiere on Sundays on MBS and TBS, though there’s no specific date yet.

Kyō Yamashita will join the staff as the new CG director replacing Daisuke Suzuki, and Tatsuya Shimano replacing Hiroshi Adachi as the modeling director. SANZIGEN will be replaced too by Felix Filmin 3DCGI.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 opening theme will be performed by Eir Aoi while Kalafinawill perform the ending theme song.

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VisualArt's/Key Reveals Rewrite+ Visual Novel

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Visual Art's "Rewrite"

VisualArt’s Key brand revealed on Friday – April 15 the Rewrite+ PC visual novel.  The game will be release by Key in July 29, 2016.

Rewrite+ includes improvements and revisions to the game’s scenario and developer also added more sound effects. In addition, there will be new illustrations that weren’t available in the original game. The game will include the "Rewrite Harvest festa!" fandisc.

Rewrite+ will be available at a retail price of 8,800 yen (about US$81) and it include an arrangement CD, a radio show, and a Weiβ Schwarz original promotion card.

Rewrite which is the original version of the visual novel was launched in 2011 and takes place in Kazamatsuri, city where civilization and greenery co-exist. Within it, players assume the role of student Kotaro Tennoji and interact with his fellow classmates Kotori Kanbe, Chihaya Ohtori, Akane Senri, Sizuru Nakatsu, and Lucia Konohana.

Among the staff behind Rewrite+ is Itaru Hinoue who previously worked on AIR, Kanon, and CLANNAD will served as the game’s project creator and main illustrator. The game’s storyline scenarios were written by Romeo Tanaka, Ryukishi07, and Yūto Tonokawa. Meanwhile, involved with the musical compositions and quality control is Jun Maeda.

On separate news, the original Rewrite visual novel is inspiring an upcoming TV anime series which will premiere in July this year. The Rewrite anime adaptation will feature the same voice cast as the game and it will have an original development that wasn’t included in the game. 

Fukumenkei Noise Shōjo Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation

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Fukumenkei Noise TV Anime

Ryoko Fukuyama’s Fukumenkei Noise shōjo manga receives an anime adaptation as revealed by the cover of this year’s 10thissue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine. It was first revealed in the magazine’s website on the preview for this issue that there will be an important announcement for the series and it seems that it is about the manga getting an anime adaptation. For sure, many readers are excited to see the Fukumenkei Noise anime adaptation.

Fukumenkei Noise Story

The manga tells a romance story with the themes of "music x one-sided love." Nino, a girl who loves singing, made a childhood promise with her first crush Momo and song-composing Yuzu to someday find her voice. The three went their separate ways, but Nino kept her promise and continued to sing. Years later, the three are now high school students, and Nino is drawn into the world of band clubs.

The manga series was launched by Ryoko in Hana to Yume in April 2013, the eighth volume of the manga was published by Hakunsensha last January. The ninth volume will be ship in Japan this Wednesday – April 20, 2016. 

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Big Order TV Anime's Opening Theme by Yousei Teikoku

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Big Order TV Anime

The opening theme song for the spring 2016 TV anime Big Order has been previewed in a new TV commercial last week in the Nico Nico Video channel. Big Order’s opening theme is titled "DISORDER" by Yousei Teikoku. The anime is based on Big Order manga by Sakae Esuno and it premiered last April 16 on Japanese TV screen.

So, check out’s Big Order anime ad below and tell us what do you think about the opening theme?

Big Order Story

The manga's story centers on an introverted high school student named Eiji Hoshimiya with a huge secret — he wished for the destruction of the world when he was younger. Fairies give certain people special powers called Orders. What Order Users can do with their power depends on their wishes. 10 years after the Great Destruction, Eiji struggles to come to terms with his immense power.

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Film Trilogy Music to be Compose by Yuki Kajiura

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Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Film Trilogy

In an announcement posted in the official website for Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel anime film trilogy project, it was revealed that Yuki Kajiura is returning to compose the music for the project. Kajiura previously worked on other anime series such as Sword Art Online, and Madoka Magica. In addition, Kajiura also composed the soundtrack for both seasons of Fate/Zero as well as on both seasons of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works.

Heaven’s Feel film trilogy will center on "Heaven's Feel" which is a route from the original Fate/stay night visual novel.

The film trilogy which will open next year will be directed by Tomonori Sudou together with ufotable animating the films. According to the initial announcement, the storyboards for the film will be provided by Takahiro Miura

Via Tower Records Anime

Rewrite TV Anime Features Untold '6th Route' About 'That Girl'

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Rewrite TV Anime "That Girl"
It was revealed on the official Twitter account of Tensho, the director of the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Rewrite visual novel that the anime will portray a "sixth" route left untold in the game, which will tell the story of "that girl."

The original Rewrite visual novel had five main routes, centering on five different characters (Chihaya, Kotori, Shizuru, Lucia, and Akane). While the heroine Kagari (shown in the anime's visual at right) is a main character, and key to the story, she herself does not have a full-fledged route in the game

Rewrite anime series will premiere this July 2016 and it will feature the same voice cast from the visual novel.

Rewrite TV anime cast:
  • Masakazu Morita as Kotarō Tennōji
  • Chiwa Saito as Kotori Kanbe
  • Saya Shinomiya as Chihaya Ohtori
  • Eri Kitamura as Akane Senri
  • Keiko Suzuki as Shizuru Nanatsu
  • Risa Asaki as Lucia Konohana
  • Kana Hanazawa as Kagari

Directing Rewrite TV anime at 8-Bit and supervising the series scripts is Tensho. The composition and scripts is credited on the collaboration of Romeo Tanaka and Visual Art’s Kai. Adapting the game’s original character designs by Key for animation is Masayuki Nonaka

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization RPG Gameplay Videos

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Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

Two gameplay videos for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realizationgame by Bandai Namco Entertainmenthas been streamed on Kadokawa’s Dengeki Online website.

The first video shows a fight against a "Named Monster" (a stronger monster type) and the preparation it takes for the fight. The entire party was seen dying to the monster in the end of the video.

The second video features the moves available whenever the players use large swords which include combos and Sword Skills.

The game’s new character named Premiere has been previously revealed by staff and she’ll be voiced by Yuiko Tatsumi. She was describes as follows:
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization "Premiere"

A mysterious girl. Does she have any interests? Expressionless, she stares fixedly at Kirito from afar and leaves a message for Kirito and his friends.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization game will be release by Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan, Europe and the Americas this fall of 2016. 

Scared Rider Xechs TV Anime's 2nd Promo Video

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Scared Rider Xechs TV Anime

Scared Rider Xechs romance adventure game by Rejet and Red Entertainment gets a TV anime adaptation and the show’s official website posted the second promotional video for the anime. The video previews more clips from the upcoming anime which will premiere this summer.

Scared Rider Xechs Story

In the beginning of the video, Christoph says, "I've been waiting so long for this time to come. Thanks to you, I was able to become myself. I didn't save you; you saved me."

In the original otome game, a world of godless people was being menaced by Nightfly O'Note, a mysterious alien invader from a crimson world via the crimson barrier Scared. To counter the Nightfly O'Note's threat, the humans establish the LAG defense agency on the Ryūkyū Islands. The anti-Nightfly O'Note fighting unit Scared Rider valiantly stood against the threat, but was completely wiped out five times.

And so, the sixth and latest unit, Scared Rider Xechs, was assembled from five young men. However, at nearly the same time that SRX was formed, the Nightfly O'Note invasion stopped suddenly.

Without the enemy they were supposed to fight, the SRX members spend their restless days dealing with ordinary life. The SRX members establish the musical band Odd-l's to deal with their low spirits and restlessness. Meanwhile, a young woman is assigned to LAG as their instructor and commander. A new life begins for the young woman and the SRX. The tagline of the game is "That order, is it for love, or for death?"

Scared Rider Xechs anime adaptation will be directed by Hideto Komori at Satelight. The series scripts will be written and supervised by StoryRidersNaruki Nagakawa together with Jun Kumagai and Naohiro Fukushima. Adapting the game’s original character designs by pako is Koji Haneda.

Among the voice cast of Scared Rider Xechs includes:

  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Christoph Yōsuke Komae
  • Eiji Takemoto as Fernandes
  • Mamoru Miyano as Takuto Kirisawa
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Les Paul
  • Takashi Kondo as Yūji Tsuga
  • Rikiya Koyama as Diviser
  • Hiro Shimono as Hiro Kurama
  • Naozumi Takahashi as Duesenberg
  • Hiroki Takahashi as Kazuki Suzuki
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as Rickenbacker
  • Kenn as Hijiri Mutsuki
  • Yuuki Fujiwara as Epiphone
Source: Anime News Network
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The Empire of Corpses Film's English Video – John Watson

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The Empire of Corpses "John Watson"

An English video for the anime film The Empire of Corpses featuring John Watson has been released by FUNimation Entertainment. The video was posted by the company to introduce John Watson, the protagonist of the anime film which is based from the novel by the late author Project Itoh.

Funimation describes the story:

From the studio that produced Attack on Titan comes a captivating historical action thriller based on an award-winning novel by Project Itoh. In an alternate version of 19th century London, the world has been revolutionized by “corpse reanimation technology” creating armies of undead who serve the living as laborers across the globe.

In an attempt to revive his dearly departed friend, young medical student John Watson becomes obsessed with replicating the work of Dr. Victor Frankenstein—the legendary corpse engineer whose research produced the only re-animated corpse to possess a soul. But when his illegal experiments put him at odds with the British government, Watson is drafted into a worldwide race to find the lost research notes of Victor Frankenstein before the secrets of the human soul fall into the wrong hands.

The Empire of Corpses English dub is directed by Mike McFarland together with assistant ADR scriptwriter J. Michael Tatum. Among the staff for the English dub of the film includes the ADR engineer Peter Hawkinson, the English dialect adviser Kit Buss, and the Russian dialect adviser Lauren Conn.

The Empire of Corpses Film

  • Jason Liebrecht as John Watson
  • J. Michael Tatum as Frederick Barnaby
  • Morgan Garrett as Hadaly Lilith
  • Sean Hennigan as M
  • R Bruce Elliott as The One
  • Mike McFarland as Aleksei
  • Micah Solusod as Nikolai
  • Kenny Green as Yamazawa
  • Todd Haberkorn as Friday
  • Greg Dulcie as Grant
The Empire of Corpses will be screen by Funimation in select theaters on April 19 and 20. The film opened in Japanese theaters in Japan last October 2016. It is a part of three-films (the other being Harmony, and Genocidal Organ) adapted from the works of the acclaimed late author Project Itoh.

The Morose Mononokean Anime Promo – Main Characters

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The Morose Mononokean Anime

The promotional video for the TV anime adaptation of Kiri Wazawa’s The Morose Mononokean (Fukigen na Mononokean)manga has been released by Tokuma Japan. The promo video highlights the main character in the upcoming anime which are: Haruitsuki Abeno and Hanae Ashiya.

The Morose Mononokean TV animewill premiere in July 2016 and it stars Tomoaki Maeno as Haruitsuki Abeno and Yuuki Kaji as Hanae Ashiya. They also voice the roles in the motion comic available for streaming only on the anime's official website.

There will be an advance screening event that will feature the first two episodes of the anime on June 4, 2016 at United Cinemas Toyosu in Tokyo. Among the figures that will attend the said event are Yuuki Kaji and Tomoaki Maeno. A drama CD equipped with the original story will be offered during the event and on June 24, it will be go on sale.

Directing The Morose Mononokean anime is Akira Iwanaga who previously worked on Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls, and Isuca. Iwanaga will direct the anime at Pierrot Plus and will be joined by Takao Yoshioka who’s handling the series composition. The character designs were drawn by Atsuko Kageyama while composing the music for the show is Yasuharu Takanishi.

The Morose Mononokean Story

Ashiya has spent the first seven days of high school stuck in the infirmary because of a yōkai attaching itself to him. He ends up asking the owner of a small tea room called "Mononokean" for help. This is volume 1 of the mysterious stories involving the very morose owner of Mononokean guiding the yōkai that happened to wander into this world go to the next world.

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Pokémon 2016’s Anime Film 2nd Trailer and 3rd Teaser Video

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Pokémon 2016 Anime Film

The second trailer for the upcoming new anime film from Pokémon franchise has been unveiled by the Pokémon Company Japan. The upcoming film with the full title of Pokémon the Movie XY & Z: Volcanion to Karakuri no Magearna (Pokémon the Movie XY & Z: Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna, official English title not yet revealed) will open in July 2016.

Aside from the 2ndtrailer, the company also released the third teaser for the film and it featured the YUKI’s theme song "Post ni Koe o Nageirete" (Put Your Voice in the Post Box).

In addition, the teaser video also revealed the film’s guest voice cast.

The guest stars include the following (from left to right):

Pokémon 2016’s Anime Film Guest Stars

  • Shoko Nakagawa as Kimia's younger brother Lakel
  • Kabuki actor Somegorō Ichikawa VII as Volcanion
  • Actress Mayu Matsuoka as Azod Kingdom's princess Kimia
  • Kouichi Yamadera as Jarvis, the cabinet minister who plans to rule Azod

It was also revealed in the end of the trailer that those who buy advance tickets will receive a code to download Volcanion together with a limited edition poster.

The Pokémon Company Internationalrevealed that the key to the film’s plot is the Mythical Pokémon Magearna. The company also describes the film as follows:

In this latest Pokémon full-length feature film, a mysterious force binds Ash to the Mythical Pokémon Volcanion when it falls from the sky. Volcanion can't get away, and Ash is dragged along as it continues on its mission. They arrive in a city of cogs and gears, where a corrupt minister has stolen the ultimate invention: the Artificial Pokémon Magearna, created 500 years ago. The minister plans to use Magearna's mysterious power to take control of the mechanical kingdom. Can Ash and Volcanion work together to rescue Magearna? One of the greatest battles in Pokémon history is about to unfold!

Among the returning cast and characters in the Pokémon the Movie XY & Z: Volcanion to Karakuri no Magearna (Pokémon the Movie XY & Z: Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna) are the following: Satoshi (Ash), Pikachu, Serena, Citron (Clemont), Eureka (Bonnie), Musashi (Jessie), Kojirō (James), Nyarth (Meowth), and the Narrator.


Kuroko’s Basketball’s 3 Compilation Films’ Opening Dates and Titles

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Kuroko’s Basketball’s 3 Compilation Films

The three compilation films project for Kuroko’s Basketball has been feature on this year’s 19th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jumpmagazine and the article revealed its titles and opening dates.

The first of the three Kuroko’s Basketball compilation films is titled Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Kage to Hikari~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Shadow and Light~), and it will open in Japan on September 3. It will be followed by Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Namida no Saki e~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Beyond the Tears~), and it will open in Japan on October 8. The third film is titled Winter Cup Sōshū-hen ~Tobira no Mukō~ (Winter Cup Compilation ~Crossing the Door~), and it will open in Japan on December 3.

There’s also an upcoming anime film adaptation of the Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game manga which is scheduled for release on 2017.

Kuroko’s Basketball Story

In the beginning of the original series, Taiga Kagami has just enrolled at Seirin High School when he meets Tetsuya Kuroko of the school's basketball team. Kuroko happens to be the shadowy sixth member of the legendary "Generation of Miracles" basketball team. Together, Kagami and Kuroko aim to take their team to the inter-high school championship — against Kuroko's former teammates.

The anime is adapted from Tadatoshi Fujimaki Kuroko no Basukemanga series which launched in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine way back in 2008. The original manga inspired a three-season TV anime series. There’s also the Kuroko no Basuke Extra Game manga which is a sequel to the original manga and it was launched by Fujimakiin Jump Next in December 2014.  


A Silent Voice Anime Film's Visual, Teaser Video, Release Date Revealed

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A Silent Voice Anime Film

The upcoming anime film A Silent Voice from Kyoto Animation revealed more information including its release date, more staff members, teaser video, and a teaser visual. In addition, the main character designs for the film were also unveiled. The film is based from Yoshitoki Ōima's A Silent Voice(Koe no Katachi) manga and its official website was launched by Kyoto Animation on Friday – April 8.

Check out A Silent Voice anime film teaser video below:

Text: The best-selling comic with more than 2.5 million copies printed.
Text: Original work: Yoshitoki Ōima
Text: Those biting words were stuck to her.
Text: Animation production: Kyoto Animation (K-ON! film, Tamako Love Story)
Narrator: Your voice wounded me, but even still, I want to hear your voice.
Text: Director: Naoko Yamada x Scriptwriter: Reiko Yoshida x Character Designer: Futoshi Nishiya
Text: I want to see you again.
Narrator: A Silent Voice film.
A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) anime film will open in Japanese theaters on September 17, 2016.

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice original manga story:

I wish we had never met. I wish we could meet once again. A boy who can hear, Shoya Ishida, and a transfer student who can't, Shoko Nishimiya. One fateful day, the two meet, and Shoya leads the class in bullying Shoko. But before long, the class shifts its target from Shoko to Shoya. Years later, Shoya feels strongly that he must see Shoko once again.

The upcoming KyoAnifilm will be directed by Naoko Yamada who previously worked on anime projects such as Tamako Market, Tamako Love Story, K-ON's two anime seasons and anime film. The scripts will be written by Reiko Yoshida while providing the character designs for animation is Futoshi Nishiya. The film will be distributed by Shochiku.

Source: MoCa News (teaser visual via Comic Natalie)
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Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ Game's English Opening

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Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~

An English opening video for the Key brand’s Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ visual novel software has been streamed on Friday by VisualArt’s.

Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ story is as follows and VisualArt’s plans to release the game this summer of 2016.

One day Tomoyo's brother, Takafumi, brings his father's illegitimate child, Tomo, to Tomoya's apartment.

Tomo had been abandoned by her mother, and Tomoya and Tomoyo reluctantly decide they would look after her.

Furthermore, Takafumi's ex-girlfriend, Kanako, ran away from her home just before the start of summer vacation.

She too ends up staying in Tomoya's room.

Tomoya, Tomoyo, Tomo, Takafumi, Kanako.

And so begins the first and the last summer these five people will spend together.

Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ is a spinoff of the earlier Clannad visual novel which inspired both a manga and anime adaptation that generated a huge fandom. Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~revolves around the character Tomoyo, the visual novel also inspired a manga by Yukiko Sumiyoshi.

The game was planned to be release in English according to the announcement made by VisualArt’sin October. The publisher added that the release will base its translations on fan translations, "and some parts will be modified and re-translated."

Source: Anime News Network

Two New Key Visuals for Big Order Anime Unveiled

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Big Order Anime

The anime adaptation of Sakae Esuno’s Big Order manga will air on April 16 on Tokyo MX and other TV channels, now the staff of the series unveiled two new key visuals.

Big Order Anime Poster

Big Order Anime Poster

Big Order Story

The manga's story centers on an introverted high school student named Eiji Hoshimiya with a huge secret — he wished for the destruction of the world when he was younger. Fairies give certain people special powers called Orders. What Order Users can do with their power depends on their wishes. 10 years after the Great Destruction, Eiji struggles to come to terms with his immense power.

Big Order anime cast and staff includes the following:

Masakazu Morita as Eiji Hoshimiya
Shiori Mikami as Rin Kurenai
Azusa Tadokoro as Iyo
Misaki Kuno as Sena Hoshimiya
Mari Misaki as Daisy
Satoshi Tsuruoka as Gennai Hoshimiya
Yuu Hayashi as Ayahito Sundan
Fumihiko Tachiki as Benkei Narukami
Hitomi Harada as Kagekiyo Tairano
Shinnosuke Tachibana as Yoshitsune Hiiragi
Tarusuke Shingaki as Abraham Louis Fran

Director: Nobuharu Kamanaka
Studio: asread
Scriptwriter: Katsuhiko Takayama
Character designer: Chika Kojima

The Big Ordersupernatural manga was launched by Esunoin Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine in 2011

Ray Gigant RPG Gets Digital Release in N. America & Europe this May

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Ray Gigant RPG Game
PlayStation Vita dungeon-crawling role-playing game titled Ray Gigant will have a digital release in North America and Europe this May according to its developer acttil. The Los-Angeles based game company also revealed more information and screenshots for the game. The game’s release will feature the Japanese audio track with English subtitles in it.

The game features a battle system where the player fights enemies from different distances and perspectives. Each party member has a unique ability, allowing the player to participate in "3-way view battles."Ray Gigant also has a rhythm-based Slash Beat system, allowing the player to use more deadly attacks.

The game features visual novel like storytelling, and starts from the perspective of Ichiya. As the game progresses the player will meet Kyle and Nil, and will experience the story from their perspective.

Aside from the game’s digital release, acttilalso revealed further information about Ray Gigant’s three main characters:

Ray Gigant "Ichiya Amakaze"

Atsushi Abe plays Ichiya Amakaze. A light-hearted, energetic hero of Chapter 1. Coming from a normal family, he awakens to a mysterious power, the “Habakiri,” during the siege on Tokyo.

Ray-Gigant "Kyle Griffin"

Wataru Hatano plays Kyle Griffin. The hero of Chapter 2 born a noble, but raised without love from his mother. Very intelligent, but his upbringing gave him a skewed view of the world. Uses the Yorigami, “Answerer.”

Ray Gigant "Nil Phineas"

Yoshino Nanjō plays Nil Phineas. An innocent girl trained to fight the Gigants. Uses the Yorigami, “Kukulkan.” Works hard to protect the islands in the Caribbean from the Gigants.

Rumi Ookubo plays Mana Izano and Takuya Eguchi plays Kazuomi Miwa, friends of Ichiya who join the player's party in the first chapter.

There’s also a main theme song for every protagonist in the game with the mighty T.M. Revolution performed "Amakaze," which is Ichiya Amakaze’s song. Kyle Griffin’s song is titled "Metamorphose," and it was performed by Faylan. Meanwhile, Yoshino Nanjō performed Nil Phineas' song titled, "blessing symphony."

Ray Gigant RPG

The game was described by acttil as follows:

In a not so far away time of June 20XX... Earth's major cities are being attacked by giant creatures called the Gigant.

Each nation's force tried to thwart the attacks to no avail. But then it was discovered that a single boy in Tokyo was able to defeat these monsters. His name, Ichiya Amakaze.

This boy that defeated Gigants using a mysterious power called the Yorigami came to be known throughout the world.

But, after defeat of the Gigants, he lost control of his power... After destroying the city he protected, he loses his conscious. It was then where he was detained and sent to a safe location where his fate would unfold...

Ray Gigant was first shipped in Japan on July 30, 2015.

Top 15 Anime Flame Users

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Anime Flame Users
Fire or flame is among the most clichéd super powers in anime. Though, no one can deny how dangerous, destructive, and mesmerizing a fire can be. That might be the reason why flame manipulation is among the most popular abilities seen in the anime. From different genre of anime as long as it involves special powers or abilities, people can always find a certain character that can freely control and manipulate fire at his/her own will.

Let’s face it, fire is fuckin’ cool power to have and one can always expect that there’s always someone who can use fire in every anime even they’re just a supporting character. Somehow, we can’t blame the creator for having character with firepower since as a major element; flame can be use in so many ways, not only for fighting. Although, not uncommon; flame users in anime always have this enigmatic and overwhelming presence.

As a tribute to all of those badass flame manipulators out there in the anime, we, in Yu Alexius team decided to write this post about the Top 15 most badass flame users from different anime series. Let set our mood ablaze and breathe some fire as you scroll down this list.

List of Best Anime Flame Users

Genryuusai Yamamoto (Bleach)

Genryuusai Yamamoto is a very powerful shinigami whose power and martial prowess have been mold by thousand years of brutal fighting experience and imposing the law.

Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Natsu Dragneel is a mage in the notorious guild Fairy Tail who can control, manipulate and eat fire due to his Fire-Dragon Slaying Magic. He also happens to be a demon with great power beyond imagination though; he’s full potential as demon hasn’t unraveled yet.

Portgas D. Ace (One Piece)

Portgas D. Ace is one of the most popular characters from One Piece. He ate a devil-fruit that gave him the power to control and manipulate fire. He’s a good-looking young man with utmost bravado but also a caring side that made his subordinates to idolize him.

Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist & FMA: Brotherhood)

A fine, bold and seriously the badass type of flame user. Roy Mustang is one of the most remarkable characters from Full Metal Alchemist franchise. He’s quite the arrogant type but that behavior is supported by how strong and badass he can be when it comes to fighting.

Uchiha Clan [Itachi, Sasuke, Madara, etc.] (Naruto Shippuden)

The Uchiha Clan is the epitome of a genius clan in Naruto franchise. I think it is safe to assume that they can be compared to the Slytherin faction of Hogwarts from Harry Potter franchise. Most of the Uchiha members are fire-users, though there are some members that are truly gifted like Itachi, Sasuke, and Madara. With their sharingan eyes, they can burn any opponent using the “Amaterasu,” a technique that envelops and burns their target with black flames and only stopped when the opponent is dead.

Tsunayoshi Sawada (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Tsuna is the type of guy that seems clueless and weak from the outside. Well, he started as a weakling after all; but his progress is undeniably great that he ended up as an insurmountable figure in the fights of mafia with superhuman abilities.

Hanabishi Recca (Flame of Recca)

Hanabishi Recca is your typical protagonist from 90’s. He is a ninja who can summon eight dragons and each of these dragons have unique special powers that helps Recca surpassed his endeavors in order to save his beloved girl.

Rin Okumura (Ao no Exorcist)

Mikoto Suoh (K)

Mikoto is the Third as well as the Red King. He has the power to emit fire and with his hot-tempered nature, he became known as the King of Destruction. He, alone and his nature can be called the epitome of the term, “badass.”

Ayano Kannagi (Kaze no Stigma)

Ogami Rei (Code:Breaker)

Stiyl Magnus (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

Ikki (Saint Seiya)

Ikki is the bronze saint of the constellation Phoenix. He has the power over fire and most of his attacks are fire-based. Just like Phoenix, he can set himself on fire in order to get stronger.

Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

Hikaru (Magic Knight Rayearth)

Hikaru is the Magic Knight of Fire, she can summon flame at her own will. 

Note: Image credited to its respective owners.

Do you have anyone you would like to be added in this list? Please let us know by leaving your comment below. 
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Luger Code 1951 TV Anime Promo Video & Visual Unveiled

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Luger Code 1951 Anime

A promotional video for the upcoming anime adaptation of Haruto Haneki’s Luger Code 1951story has been streamed by Animax on March 22, 2016.

Narration & Text: The supreme code
Narration & Text: Lies in the cries of instinct Narration: Luger Code 1951
Text: Streaming begins this fall on Shonen Jump+. Broadcasts on Animax have been green-lit!

An official website of Luger Code 1951 anime has been launched by Animax and it unveils the show’s key visual. The visual and the video above have the tagline: "The ultimate code lies within a wailing of instinct."

Luger Code 1951 Main Poster

Luger Code 1951 anime series will premiere this fall of 2016 and it will air on Animaxwhile Shonen Jump+ website will stream the show.

The anime will be the directorial debut of Shinya Takahashi at Studio DEEN. Takahashi previously worked as the character designer of Urusei Yatsura: Only You, and in-charge of key animation of Patlabor 2: The Movie. The anime’s script is handled by Katsuhiko Takayama while adapting the character designs for animation is Hirofumi Morimoto. The anime’s music is compose by Ryō Kawasaki.

Luger Code 1951 Story

The story centers around the young linguistic genius and university professor Testa. He is introduced by his senior, Sergeant Rossa, to the Allied Cryptanalysis Department. There, he is tasked to break the enemy werewolves' code, which the werewolves are using to encrypt their radio transmissions. Testa is astounded, as the only sound the encrypted code produces is the howling of a wolf. His research yields no results, and he resolves to capture a live werewolf for better cryptanalysis. After exhausting all possible means, he finally finds a female werewolf, Yonaga.

The characters are (No official romanization for the character names exists yet):

Testa Lielbelle (17 years old)
A genius boy and master of all the languages of the countries that fought as part of the Allied Forces in World War II. He wrote and published a thesis on cryptanalysis, and became a university professor. He suffered from bullying during his time in boarding school. He is a civilian.

Alex Rossa (21 years old)
A young sergeant in the Allied Forces, and Testa's upperclassman during their time at a boarding school. He constantly wears his country's khaki uniform and beret. He grew up as the son of a hunter, and is thus an expert marksman. He always carries two compact pistols, which he wields in either hand.

Yonaga (16 years old)

A werewolf girl. She has a human body, but has the ears and tail of a grey wolf. The beasts who grow fangs like a werewolf's can no longer transform, but they hold a mysterious power.
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Brave Witches TV Anime Reveals More Staff and Main Visual

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Brave Witches anime

The upcoming TV anime Brave Witches officially launched its website on Friday and it announced the show’s key visual and additional staff. Brave Witches is the spinoff anime of the popular Strike Witches TV anime series. The spinoff anime will premiere this 2016 though; the exact date isn’t reveal yet.

Brave Witches

Brave Witches anime is a spinoff series of Strike Witches franchise which is adapted from Humikane Shimada’s mecha-girl illustrations. . In the series' world, the alien Neuroi are invading Earth, and governments develop "striker units" that allow girls with magical powers to fight the Neuroi.

Among the returning staff from the Strike Witches TV anime, OVA, and film includes Takaaki Suzuki who will serve as the military history advisor as well as taking care of the world setting. The mechanical designs for the anime will be provided by Hiroyuki Terao, while serving as the sound director at Glovision is Tomohiro Yoshida. Returning to compose the music for the show is Seiko Nagaoka, with Nippon Columbiato produce the music.

Brave Witches will be directed by Kazuhiro Takamura together with SILVER LINK to animate the series. The series composition is credited to Striker Unit, while credited for the original character designs (which Takamurais adapting for animation) is Humikane Shimada. Brave Witches spinoff anime is handled by Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and Daijō Kudō.

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Visual Novel “planetarian” Receives an Anime Adaptation

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planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~
planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~

An anime adaptation for planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ visual novel has been green-lit according to the announcement made by visual novel developer Key on Friday. The upcoming anime adaptation is set to premiere this 2016 though the announcement didn’t specify the length and format of the anime.

It was revealed that David Production is in charge of the animation production. The said company is the team behind the long running anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

An announcement posted on the project’s website that there will be a "production presentation event" in Akihabara on April 15. The event will be stream live on Niconicoand it is free for the audience.

Visual novel developer Visual Art’s/Key is the team behind popular and heart wrenching projects such as Clannad, Rewrite, Kanon, Air, and Angel Beats!. They originally released the planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ "kinetic novel" in Japan on personal computers in 2004. It is then released on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable consoles.

planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ story

The story takes place 30 years after a world war put a halt to space development. The protagonist, simply known as "the Junk Hunter," attempts to restore a planetarium's projector after meeting a robot.

If you’re a fan of the visual novel and the previous works of Key, then planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ anime adaptation is something that you shouldn’t miss to see this year.

Digimon Adventure tri. 3rd Film Unveils Key Visual

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Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhaku (Confession) Key Visual
The key visual for the 3rd film in Digimon Adventure tri. has been revealed on its official website on Saturday – April 2, 2016. The third film which is titled Digimon Adventuretri. Kokuhaku (Confession)will open in theaters on September 24.

The first two films in the series: Digimon Adventure tri. Saikai (Reunion) opened in Japanese theaters on November 21, 2015 while Digimon Adventure tri. Ketsui (Determination) opened in Japan last March 12, 2016.

Digimon Adventure tri. is a six-part anime films which serves as the sequel for the original Digimon Adventure series and it commemorates with the franchise’ 15thanniversary. It follows the original Digidestined and their partner digimons in their new adventure to save the human and digital world while discovering their true self along the journey.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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