Top 12 Strongest Hunter x Hunter Characters

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Hunter x Hunter
The anime series which is characterized for having characters blessed with nen is seriously an astounding and one of the most memorable shows in the anime history. Hunter x Hunter fan base is really huge and it is created by a legend who gave us the epic Yu Yu Hakushu.

There’s no denying that Hunter x Hunter have so many characters with amazing special powers and abilities because of nen and these powers what makes them a force to reckon with. Just like the ninjas of Naruto, saiyans of Dragon Ball Z, the pirates of One Piece, the mages of Fairy Tail, and the shinigamis of Bleach; these nen-users are creatures with exception fighting skills and superpowers that will leave all of us in awe. These guys have special powers which differ from each other and can be use in various ways.

In the show, we had seen some of these extraordinary characters use their nen in different ways such as pursuing their interest like the hunters; some people make use of it for living just like the assassins. There are some nen-users who use their powers for their own gain such as the notorious Phantom Troupe, while some simply use it to serve their own purpose.

In this post, we will discuss the Top 12 most powerful characters in Hunter x Hunter. We’re pretty aware that this may invite some argument since there’s no doubt that most of the characters in the series are seriously powerful and astonishing. Our list of this powerful Hunter x Hunter characters are based on what has been stated and shown in both manga and anime adaptations. Although, we would like to consider including those characters with extensive potential to surpass some of the characters in the Top 12; therefore, we will put these characters with potential to become stronger in our honorable mentions.


First on this list is Meruem, the Ant King which is no doubt to be the strongest character in the series. He is hundreds or thousands stronger than the rest of the characters in the show. He has an unimaginable physical strength and his endurance almost made him immortal which even a powerful bomb can’t kill him. His intelligent is beyond those of humans. He resembles the untouchable king standing on top of the world on which normal humans can’t ever reach.


The former chairman of Hunter’s Organization, he is considered as the strongest man in the world which he’s still alive. He is the only person in the world who was able to make a good fight against the Ant King and did damage him. His match against the almighty Meruem has been even in the beginning until the Ant King reveals his true strength. However, if we based on human standard, Netero is the guy who was standing in front of everyone in terms of strength and enlightenment. Netero’s most dangerous abilities is Hundred-type Guanyin Bodhisattva. His sequential movements appeared exceedingly gradual and fluid in the eyes of his opponents.

Chrollo Lucilfer

The leader of the notorious criminal group Phantom Troupe. I think it is safe to say that Chrollo is the demonic wizard; he reminds me of those wizards who’s always holding their books with enchantment in it and uses it to fight their enemies. Well yeah, with the name Lucilfer he’s quite demonic especially with how dangerous and evil their organization is. Phantom Troupe are criminals however, they also served as the benefactor of their hometown which is the Meteor City, a place abandoned by the world, by the humanity. Chrollo already had shown his strength by killing the professional assassins hired by the Ten Dons and also fought evenly against Zeno and Silva Zoldyck together.


Killua’s grandfather and Silva’s father, he is one of the strongest member of Zoldyck family. He can stand on his own fighting against Chrollo Lucifer despite of not knowing the full potential of the young fugitive’s power. Zeno’s Dragon Meteor Dragon Diveallowed him to launched thousands of arrow from the sky to attack enemies below, this technique first appeared in the form of a dragon then transform into a rain of shining arrows.


Silva Zoldyck is Killua’s father and the current patriarch of the famous family of assassins. He is physically a powerful nen-user who can fight Chrollo Lucilfer on a one-on-one fight. He was poisoned by a weapon used by Chrollo in their battle but was not affected by it which proves his immense endurance.


Hisoka’s bloodlust and lunatic side is probably the best thing about this guy. Despite of his creepy aura and unpredictable nature, he’s actually one of the most popular characters in the series. There’s no doubt that Hisoka is a strong as he was confident enough in his strength that he even challenge Chrollo Lucilfer to a fight and ignored the rest of the Phantom Troupe as if he’s stronger than the all of them.

Mamo (No Picture Available)

The oldest member of Zoldyck family and once said to be the strongest assassin in the world with only Netero as the only person who survived his attacked. If Mamo is at his prime, then he’ll surely make it to Top 3 or 4 but considering his age, he might get dull already though he was seen still doing assassination jobs when he accompany Illumi and Kalluto on killing the Ten Dons of Mafia.


Despite of his short appearance, Feitan is the stereotype of small but terrible. He has an amazing speed which makes him a difficult opponent. What makes this guy special is his seriously insane power that can burn any opponent using some of his enchantment. A special ability triggered by his anger and it is uncontrollable which allows him to burn anything in his surroundings.


The eldest of the Zoldyck siblings, he use pins as his weapon of choice and he’s the cunning type of guy. It’ll be hard dealing with him in a fight because he is unpredictable and share similar traits with Hisoka, I think that’s what makes them friends.


The first of the royal guards of the Ant King. She’s a cunning and also powerful combatant. She’s among the strongest chimera ant in the story and if Gon didn’t have that restriction technique on himself, he will never be able to kill Neferpitou. She’s the brain behind the chimera ants having nen, she experimented on humans in order to learn nen. Her sinister aura is enough to make some of the hunters bend on their knees in awe. She has an insurmountable primal instinct and extraordinary senses using her En that enables her to detect enemies or any upcoming attacks. Neferpitou’s full power technique used in battle is called Puppet Master Serenity Terpsichora.



In physical strength, Uvogin is the strongest member of Phantom Troupe; he is responsible for the death of three members of Injiyuu (the elite bodyguards of the Ten Dons). When it comes to raw strength, he is one of the strongest enhancers in the series overwhelming every opponent with his physical strength. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Gon 
  • Kurapica
  • Killua
  • Nobunaga
  • Phinks
  • Shaiapouf

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