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K Project "Seven Stories"
K Project franchise’s –K: Return of Kings– had concluded the story in the anime’s epic finale last December 2015, or that’s what we’d been assuming all this time. It seems that the story isn’t over yet as the "K - Do you know K?" event for the K media project announced that there’s upcoming production for a new animation project for the franchise. So, this means that we will finally have a glance of "Kings" and their "Sword of Damocles" in the near future. The format of the K Project new animation wasn’t reveal yet, however it might be a prequel about the current kings when the series debuted and how they became the chosen "Kings. "

Returning as the director and character designer for K Seven Stories anime is Shingo Suzuki at studio GoHands. The original story is once again credited to both GoRA and GoHands. More details will be provided this fall. There are also plans to release a short text story written by GoRA and an illustration by Suzuki.

Aside from K Seven Stories anime project, the franchise also inspired a new stage play run, and a dance performance. The new stage play is titled K –Lost Small World– and it will run on July 22 to July 24 at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo. Then, it will move to Kyoto Gekijou Theater on July 30-31. The stage play will adapt the K Project’s spinoff novel written by Yukako Kabei and it will revolve around the meeting and parting Misaki Yata from HOMRA and Saruhiko Fushimi from SCEPTER 4. The stage play will be written and directed by Kenichi Suemitsu. Portraying Misaki and Saruhiko are Keisuke Ueda and Shintarō Anzai respectively.

Meanwhile, ChaLive (a wordplay on "character" and "live") dance performance debuted on the "K -Do you know K?" event. It features original music and the performers ONDY as Yashiro Isana, Keito Okuyama as Misaki Yata, and Yutoas Saruhiko Fushimi. The next performance will be on June 10 at the seventh floor of the main Ikebukuro Animate store.
Sunday, 1 May 2016


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