Divosaga Overseas Guild War Session 5 Round 3 Results & Review

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Divosaga Guardian "Zeus"

Hey guys, Klaurel here, am back to discuss another exciting round of Divosaga’s CSG that took place last Saturday – July 23, 2016. It’s the 3rd round of the Divosaga’s Overseas Guild War session 5 and we’re closer on finding out which guild will enter the Diamond Group and will vie to become the victor of Divosaga CSG Session 5. Let’s have a short reviews about the previous CSGs, Outlawz_FC hold the CSG Champion for 3 times (Session 1, 2, and 4) and that will surely runs down in Divosaga history while MynDestiny get a chance to become the victor in session 3. Now, it has been a gossip in the entire game that Virterium might have a total wiped out victory this time. The current strongest guild in the game when it comes to raw guild power ranking is AkuIndu and they’re obviously a force to reckon with. Outlawz_FC is still a frontrunner in the game despite losing the first round of AkuIndu in a very close fight.

Now let’s move on and talk about the 3rd round this season. We had witnessed the clashed between Virterium and Mastermind, these two powerful guilds currently have majority of the strongest players in the game. Mastermind which have Xask and Arcadia (currently two of the most prominent players in the game) apparently lose the fight against the crowd favorite Virterium but they managed to secure a 4k scores in that match. On the other hand, Dropbears annihilated Bandit in a staggering match, now they’re against Virterium next time and the result is very obvious but it is surely exciting to see these two guilds from same server reaching the Top 2 in the round 4. Outlawz_FC returns on the first page of the ranking destructing bLood_Rain in the process last Saturday. Aku♥Indu made a comeback by defeating Warlordz after Virterium beat ‘em to dust in the 2ndround. Despite of how inactive most of the members of Epic (led by Dani previously known as Dementor, once a very powerful mage) they made in the first page of the ranking by defeating another inactive guild, the Zenith. Next week, my guild will face Epic and I dunno, but some of their members said that they’ll defeat us as revenge because they’d lose in the first round in our hands. Now, I’m quite excited to face them too, I know they had some stronger players than us but I believe my guild’s sneaky strategy will somehow help us, albeit our big problem is that we really have few active strong members.

Meanwhile, my guild The_Legion defeated Underworld in an easy win since latter is almost good as a dead guild. MynDestiny is making a comeback as they com_indo periled on their hands last Saturday. Unity and SHIELD also won their battles against Fairy** and Hybrid respectively. The guild FairyTail which is a very common guild name in the guild (thanks to the popularity of Fairy Tail anime), defeated the once mighty guild RockCrew.

Anyway, here’s the complete list of the matches in the 3rd round of Divosaga CSG Session 5.

Now, we’re all down on the 4thround next week and here’s the current guild ranking of the participants based on their scores collected in the first 3 rounds.

Which guild will make it on the Diamond Group? Virterium and Dropbears are one more battle away from leading the preliminary rounds while Inferno and DESTROYER will vie as the underdog in the diamond group and the OutlawZ_FC returning to defend its title as the strongest guild in Divosaga. Meanwhile, an intense fight will be expected between Aku♥Indu and Mastermind as these two very powerful guilds compete to enter the Diamond group, thus, leading one of the most powerful guilds in the game to be put on shame by not making the Diamond group. Will MynDestiny and SHIELD make it to the Diamond group or they’ll lose their places in the group for the very first time? Let’s all find out and answer these questions on Saturday – July 30, 2016 as the round 4 of Divosaga CSG Session 5 prelims commence.

Monday, 25 July 2016


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