Top 12 Swordsman in Anime

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Saber (Fate Stay Night)
Sword is one of those tools that contributed a lot to the development of human history. It was used for millennia in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Sword is used to be the prime weapon during wartime in the early history of mankind. It was also used as a symbol of someone's status in the society. The sword, though now obsolete as a weapon has played a crucial part of history and folklore for various cultures all over the world. 

In Japan, the sword has been a significant symbol of its history. Of course, it is undeniable that there are numerous incredibly powerful and amazing swordsmen (and women) from various anime series. In the majority of genres in anime, there's always a certain character who wields a sword, no matter what the sizes; it only shows how significant the sword is as a weapon in every anime story. 

We have compiled here the Top 12 Sword fighters from various anime series. 

Kenshin Himura (Ruroni Kenshin)
In our first spot is no other than the main protagonist from Ruroni Kenshi or what is known as Samurai X in my country. If there is anything remarkable about this guy is that he made our generation in 90s desire to be a swordsman in one way or another. He is the face of every anime swordsman that people usually recognized before the turn of the millennium.

Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)
Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)

Guts (Berserk)

Sasaki Kojiro (Fate Stay/Night)

Dracule Mihawk (One Piece)

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach)

Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Kagura Mikazuchi (Fairy Tail)

Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha)
We have one of the most powerful anime demons in our list here and it's no other than Inuyasha's handsome half-brother Sesshoumaru. He is that swordsman that could cut any opponents into pieces as well as the heart of his devotee, isn't it?

Saber (Fate Stay/Night)
Monday, 4 July 2016


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