Divosaga CSG Session 5 Finals Round 1 Results & Review

Posted by : zahid
It will be an exciting and unpredictable final for the Divosaga cross-server guild war this time as some changes had took place since the very first round of this season’s CSG initiated. Last Saturday, we had seen the first round of the finals with Virterium, AkuIndu, Outlawz_FC and DropBears making it to the Top 4 and will vie against each other to get the championship title. These four guilds are seriously among the most powerful guilds in the game, the only strong guild that wasn’t here is Mastermind, but among these four, it’s either Virterium, Outlawz_FC and the newly empowered AkuIndu (as they recently merged with MynDestiny) might win the cross-server guild war.

Alright, AkuIndu defeated MynDestiny last Saturday, and absolutely became the strongest guild in the game with the astonishing guild power of over 120 million after absorbing MynDestiny in the most recent server merged. DropBears annihilated Inferno while Virterium beaten DESTROYER to pieces. The same thing also happened to The_Legion defeated by Outlawz_FC. That’s all for the Diamond Team.

The Gold Team rather have a smooth one this time as there’s only 2 strong guilds in the group and that’s Mastermind and SHIELD that obviously wiped out this opponents last Saturday. Now, these two guilds will battle each other next Saturday with Mastermind as the obvious victor. FairyTail also defeated indo_amor while Rockcrew was beaten into pieces by Phoenix, thus; making FairyTail and Phoenix join the ranks of Mastermind and SHIELD on Top 4 in the Gold Team.

The Silver Team was dominated by Se7en, Fairy**, Unity, and BANDIT. Meanwhile, HOPE, Warlordz, and Faith hailed as the Top 3 in the Iron Team.

On the second round of the finals, we’ll see Virterium and AkuIndu clash against each other. This is a very exciting part since Virterium defeated AkuIndu in the prelims and everyone is thinking that Virterium might made a landslide victory in the finals as they’re also the first in the preliminaries ranking. Now, the table turns and it seems that AkuIndu might hinder Virterium first ever victory as the former recently with MynDestiny. Thus, the merged between the no. 1 and no. 5 guild power ranking will surely change the course of this season’s CSG. Outlawz_FC will fight against DropBears and this might be an exciting one though DropBears have some seriously strong players like Aussie, Alfaclovers, and Cecilia to name a few, the veteran Outlawz_FC might simply sneak a victory against them. My guild The_Legion will battle Inferno while the remains of MynDestiny (whom I thought is still a force to reckon with) will face DESTROYER.

In Gold Team, the showdown between the Mastermind and the oldest guild in the game, SHIELD will take place. FairyTail will also fight against Phoenix (am not sure about this guild but I think they’re the remnants of from the Divosaga FX server. Unity and BANDIT will have a face off in the Silver Team while Se7en might simply annihilate Fairy** in this match.

What about you guys, which guild do you think will conquer all the servers of Divosaga? Which one will be name the overseas champion?
Monday, 15 August 2016


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