Divosaga Class Wars November 2016 Results & Review

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Hey guys, I knew this is really late. It’s been 2 or 3 weeks already since the class wars for November 2016 took place and I am only writing my review tonight. Well, guess it’s fine it was still November now (actually November 6, 2016 to be specific) and it’s just the MMOG that was too advanced on their class wars event. So, I’ll write this time my review for the November 2016 edition of Divosaga’s God Revolution. I almost miss playing the event actually; it was just one of those lucky circumstances that my friend/pilot played my account on the prelims. On the other hand, I was able to participate in the finals and guess what, once again I’d played in the office; just glad my superior’s home already (smirking). I played dual that time as I piloted Novendy, one of the strong rangers in the upper tier of our server from Outlawz_FC. Actually, it’s my friend who is the new owner of Novendy asked me to pilot the ranger account and it was quite fun too doing it.

For now, I’ll gonna discuss the Mage Class wars first. I would like to congratulate dKhlw for winning his 2ndHigh Wizard title and that was really amazing. During the entire run, when I see that gabriel1983 took a loss, I’d become confident that dK might actually pulled this off and win the entire thing; and he actually did. Then, he was followed by RudsMK who actually surprised me. I was expecting Ruds to get either 3rd or 4th place but he genuinely rose up to 2ndplace and I guess that sounds great for him. The third place was taken by SisterMercy (slash) Twizzle. Actually she had been in the Top 3 for such a long period of time but never win, I think she’s one of those remarkable name in the Hall of Warlords without winning the title but you’ll surely remembers that she’s a force to reckon with.

It seems that gabriel1983 goes passive lately but still packed a punch a he landed on 4th place. Followed by Hall of Warlords’ veterans: AlfaClovers, SpRing, Doppelganger and Ophellia.

The next class I’ll discuss is the Ranger Class wars and once again, our favorite Vick won the title. On my end, I was expecting that the Top 3 will be battled by Vick, Feikei, Laran and Rains but it seems that Feikei didn’t participate this time. Vick eventually won the title of High Ranger with Laran taking over the 2nd place. Actually, these two are pretty inseparable in the ranking; I always had this vision of Vick and Laran as really solid names in the top tier of their own class. The 3rd place goes to Rains who seems to be pretty active again, well; he’d been active literally but somehow goes back in the top tier in the past 2 or 3 months. If you’d been playing Divosaga for years, you’ll realize that Rains is one of the most powerful players that reigns the top tier of the overseas player ranking.

Aside from Feikei, another powerful player who didn’t participate in the finals is Aussie, well; it seems that everybody had become acquainted with Aussie not participating in the finals. I had noticed that he’d been passive since mid of the year but still a real force to reckon with those staggering battle rating of his. The 4thand 5th place were taken by Hazel (still a powerful player all this time) and Demure (one of the pioneer players in the game) respectively. I just realized that Demure gain a big amount of battle rating in the past few months.

The Warrior Class wars anyway had been pretty accustomed with Colossus taking over the title. I can’t even remember when is the last time someone won the Warrior Class wars except for him. He’d been on top of the entire game for over a year and seriously having the ferocious and enormous amount of battle rating that made every player fear him in battle. In fact, his team also won the recently concluded Titan Wars (1st Season) in Divosaga; I’ll make an article about that maybe later or next time. The 2nd place goes to LouisaMarie who seriously have that terrifying battle rating and had been a consistent name in the Top 3 this year. On third place is MasK, if my memory is right, the Top 3 in Warrior class wars had been consistent in the past few months together with Andiwijayaa (who actually get the 4th spot). These 4 names had been spiraling in the Top 3 all this time, except for Colossus who never leave the 1st place though.

Monday, 7 November 2016


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