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Hey guys, it's been a while since the last time I wrote something about Divosaga. I'd been having problem adjusting with my new job and seriously annoyed dealing with some of my superiors. Just the thought of seeing 'em daily made me want to return on my freelance life. Anyway, let's set aside personal matter and discuss about the season 5 of Divosaga's Titan War. I'm quite lost in this topic before since I missed playing 2 seasons and just came back this week but I wasn't able to play the finals last night.

Big news is that my server which is Aries (which had been merged with Aquarius, Pisces, & DS-FX before) now undergone a new server merge and that's with the powerhouse from Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo (not sure with this one). This only means, a lot of stronger players once again in my server. Well, the thing there is that there's only fewer server that will fight for the Chaos War now and this will surely crush the remaining servers since these two are the top servers in the game. In fact, they also have several of the strongest guilds and monster players in their league. 

Bad news, my own guild got kicked from Top 8, it's not really something that will messed up my playing though since I'd been passive in the game for almost 6 months. But I do hope to send some of my guildies on stronger guilds but it's their decision to make a choice. We'd been pretty solid and loyal members are still here, I remember we'd been in this guild since 2013. Nonetheless, I'm glad to see some of my old guildies too ravaging the top spot as they're on OFC and Epic now.

Finally, I'm in the same server as Vick and gabriel. I used to write before that these 2 bullied me but that was way way back around 2 years ago in the battlefield. Anyway, they're nice; a big "HI" to Vick out there whom I had some few words on Facebook comments section of DS page earlier. 

It seems that I talked a lot of nonsense once again but let's talk to the main topic now. This is about Divosaga's Titan War Season 5. I would love to extend my big congratulations to Andiwijayaa, Feikei, dkhlw and Durian for winning this time. I'd been rooting for this team to win the big thing ever since Titan War started in the game. Well, that's quite biased since we're on the same server, I'd been their fan (this is not pun intended) for such a long period of time. Well, Durian actually doing good lately, I would also like to congratulate him on winning the Class Wars for Mages last time since I wasn't able to write a post about it. 

Divosaga Titan War Season 5 Winner (Andiwijayaa, durian, dkhlw, Feikei from Outlawz_FC)
Divosaga Titan War Season 5 Winner (Andiwijayaa, durian, dkhlw, Feikei from Outlawz_FC)

Divosaga'sTitan War Season 5 Results (Hall of Warlords)

In the ranking, it appears that the first ever winner of Titan War "Xask" party ended up at second place. As far as I know they also won the 2nd season of Titan War. Meanwhile, coming in the 3rd place is Vick's party which had been the winner in the past 2 seasons of Titan War (session 3 & 4 respectively). In the 4th place is Demure's party which I think every members are from SHIELD. And in the 5th place is MasK's party, I'm just wondering if Aussie and HazeL is a team member but nonetheless, all the teams in Top 5 are simply insurmountable. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017


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