Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel 1st Film Premiere on Theaters on September 30

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Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film
It's time to mark your calendar on September 30, 2017 as the 1st Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel film opens on theater on that date. This is one of the most anticipated anime project this 2017 since Fate/stay night series had been a big wave in the anime industry in the past few years with many astounding adaptations being praised by both critics and viewers. The Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works anime adaptation became the epitome of ufotable's undeniable crafty and breathtaking animations and visuals. 

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel had been announced as a single film way back in 2014, however the staff dropped a major revelation last March of 2016 that it will be split in to 3 films (probably a trilogy) with the first film premiering this 2017. 

"Heaven's Feel" is a route from the original Fate/stay night visual novel. A manga adaptation of the route launched in May 2015. 

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Film

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel Plot (Warning: This section contain spoiler of the entire story)

The story of the film will revolve around Sakura Matō, the younger sister by blood to Rin Tohsaka, but when she was young, Sakura was sent to the Matō household as an adopted daughter. There, she was given torturous training in order to give her powerful magic powers. Sakura was not supposed to enter the Holy Grail War, but due to her getting into a romantic relationship with Shirō, the passion hidden within herself and her mental restraints go berserk. Sakura becomes a large game-changer in the Holy Grail War, and forces Shirō to walk toward a cruel fate
Monday, 20 February 2017


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