Chinese Anime "Wings of the World" (万国志) - Release Date, Posters and Trailers

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One of the most highly anticipated original Chinese anime of 2019 finally unveiled its official trailer giving us a glimpse in the world-setting of Wings of the World (万国志) - an awe-amazing 3D anime. 

Wings of the World Official poster mainland China
Wings of the World Official poster mainland China
In the trailer below, we saw the various powers which will battle against each other in the anime's plot. The story will actually bring us back on the 17th century on which we will see a fusion of both ancient and modern ways of warfare.  We also have a decent look at some of the characters that we'll follow in Wings of the World.

Based on the trailer of Wings of the World, we could safely conclude that the animation sequence is pretty good. The character designs seems to be great with good camera angles that gave us a glimpse on some of the fights to look forward to in the upcoming Chinese anime.


When is the release of Wings of the World?

In the newly release promotional video for the upcoming anime, Wings of the World anime release date is on September 23, 2019.

The new trailer for Wings of the World were uploaded by YouTube Channel - Chinese Animation where they also spoil us once again with another description of the upcoming Chinese anime and described it as follows:
In the maritime navigation era,all countries in the world built a Thousands-Nation City in Philippine, where would happen the first communication and collision between the East and West.

Wings of the World Synopsis

1663 Common Era, the youngest leader of the Ming dynasty's navy Lu Changfeng is to escort an official to capture criminals, but was attacked by a ghost fleet and sea beasts, causing the entire envoy to be sunk. Lu Changfeng was saved by a mysterious girl from the ocean bottom, and followed her to the international center of commerce of the Age of Sail: Luzon. At the time, over 70% of the Ming dynasty's silver was obtained from Luzon, and this tiny island determined the fate of several nations. Spanish settlers cruelly ruled, and people of all walks of life, under the guidance of Song Yingxing, constructed the international finance center: the Kingdom of Wan. Despite disagreements with Song Yingxing, Lu Changfeng still chose to join Song's team: 天工, participating in the struggle against Spanish settlers with others. Both factions used bleeding edge technological inventions in their battle. To resist the enemy genius Vesalius‘s weapon, Song Yingxing manipulates Lu Changfeng, bringing out his days fighting Vesalius in Korea, etc.

Two months ago, a promotional video for Wings of the World had been released as shown below.

In general, Wings of the World will showcase the fusion of Eastern and Western culture - particularly of China. Also known as Wan Guozhi - Wings of the World is a bloody historical anime on which we could see the Western knights elements and the medieval machines of the west and firearms. A flying warship or vessels - this is just more than a plain combo of science-fiction and historical buffs all put together.

Wings of the World Character poster China mainland
Wings of the World's Character poster China mainland

Although this is an original anime, the plot seems to be quite cliche but I think I am satisfied with it after watching the trailer. This actually gives me the thought that the setting of this story might be the Philippines after reading on the synopsis the place Luzon (which happened to be the largest island of the island nation) and a neighbor of China. Furthermore, Philippines had been colonized by Spaniards that time, so I really felt that my thought might be right since in the story, the main characters will fight against Spanish. Furthermore, upon reading several Chinese sites, several countries will join in this bloody warfare and that includes Japan, the Dutch East India Company, and some more countries from the West.

Wings of the World - Trailer poster China mainland
Wings of the World - Trailer poster China mainland

For more image stills and visuals for Wings of the World, please see the following links:

Wings of the World Image Stills

With a little mix of fantasy and historical stuffs, I believe that Wings of the World shall give us a very interesting ride despite of how lame the title might sound. But one thing I've learned about Chinese anime shows all this time is that no matter how lame the title might be, the quality of its animation is simply rising and they're definitely aspires to do even better and greater anime shows as time goes by. And I am hoping that Wings of the World shall be one of those good Chinese anime of 2019 as I am personally rooting for it to be great.

Sunday, 17 March 2019


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