The Women of Code Geass - The Epitome of Girl Power

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The Women of Code Geass

Over a decade had passed since Code Geass - a legendary anime of this millennium had concluded perfectly in a very dramatic and heartbreaking finale. All these years, it is one of the anime titles that endure the test of time and still widely praised until today. In fact, a 3-part theatrical release had been done to re-told the story of a boy who dream of vengeance, a king who destroy the world and created it anew. The movies made some slight changes in the story to give way to the Code Geass' sequel - another theatrical release titled - Code Geass: Lelouch of Re;surrection.

Code Geass - CC
C.C. - the witch who started it all and bestow Lelouch geass power.

Throughout the course of Code Geass story, we had seen differing philosophies and principles, characters that plays significant roles for the plot's progress. I'll say Code Geass is among the anime shows with so many characters and everyone of them exist for a specific reason to achieve the bigger picture of the story. Among these characters, it is noticeable that there are plenty of female characters who really play's vital role for a bloody and violent anime such as Code Geass. They're not just mere ornament in the story instead they are individuals with characters, power, and essential to the anime's plot as a whole.

Code Geass - Princess Euphemia
Princess Euphemia - whose existence and demise plays a vital part in Code Geass story

So, let's talk about these women from Code Geass - some of them even shakes the very foundation of its story, while some display an inspiring traits for women of today's generation. Let's start our list of powerful women from Code Geass as follows:


Lelouch, do you know why snow is white? Snow is white, because it's forgotten what color it's supposed to be. - C.C.
The immortal witch C.C. is first in our list, a woman of substance and mystery. She lived her life with deep ambiguity and is nonchalant towards humanity. This witch isn't your ordinary female protagonist. Despite of having no special abilities aside from the power of bestowing geass and eating pizza, C.C. a beauty whose personality is as deep as history and as ambiguous as the fleeting human lives. Well, most of the well-known and favorite anime quotes from Code Geass were affiliated with her. She's a savior of our king, and a partner in crime of our rebel.

Kallen Kōzuki / Kallen Stadtfeld

Code Geass - Kallen Stadtfeld
Kallen Stadtfeld

A woman of spirit, principles and heart for her people. An able fighter, technically I think it is safe to say that she's the most skilled knightmare pilot in the series after the final clash that she had against Suzaku. She's a trustworthy friend who'll never abandon her comrades. Throughout the series, we had witnessed her growth as an individual, a major character, and key power to her allies.

Euphemia li Britannia

Code Geass - Euphemia li Britannia
Euphemia li Britannia
It's not that I want an ideal country or great justice or anything complicated like that. I just want to see people smiling. - Euphemia li Britannia
This princess is still the biggest regret of the series and could've been its almost downfall. As a fan, I am personally heartbroken and still can't move on with her tragic story. However, she's probably the greatest contributor on Code Geass' plot, especially on the story's progress. She's a woman of virtue, substance, and great charisma. An able leader who can inspire her people. If I may say something brave, Euphemia is the Lacus Clynes (from Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny) of Code Geass. A woman whose power does not rely on brute force but her principles and charisma.

Cornelia li Britannia

Code Geass - Cornelia li Britannia
Cornelia li Britannia

A strong woman both outside and inside. She's someone that I used to hate during the early stages of Code Geass story until that very moment that her brother Schniezel betrayed her. At some point, a hint of her soft sides had been seen in the story but not exploited. Technically, speaking she's among the most skilled female knightmare pilots. She, sure is a tough opponent that our king Lelouch had face off during the early part of the story.

Kaguya Sumeragi

Code Geass - Kaguya Sumeragi
Kaguya Sumeragi

She's quite one hell of a fiend, Kaguya is definitely one of my personal favorite characters of Code Geass despite of how imbalance and impartial her character is in the story. She's a woman of deep personality who can't be easily read by other characters or even by viewers. She's intelligent, witty, and politically enlightened despite of her young age. That "I wanna marry Zero" shenanigans is probably one of my favorite part of her. She usually use her young age and cute appearance to deceived people while manipulating things on her own will to achieve her goals which is also benevolent at the end as she's also able to help other people. I think she's an innocent and at the same time wicked character, who's mature enough to control her emotions and look at the bigger picture.

Shirley Fenette

Code Geass - Shirley Fenette
Shirley Fenette

A woman with so much devotion and faith to his friends and the goodness in them. Shirley might be your typical female protagonist from different anime series, but she's more than just her pretty face. She had that soft spot that makes her a fragile but lovable character in the story.

Nunnally Lamperouge / Nunnally vi Britannia

Code Geass - Nunnally vi Britannia
Nunnally vi Britannia

Lelouch younger sister, she's a virtuous woman who despite of young age withstood so many emotional and mental hardships. She had survived those darker days and able to use her experience from those chapter of her life to be a brilliant leader of her country. A loving and charismatic young lady, Nunnally had been a powerful entity in the story as she had been the only reason why Lelouch had been fighting. All of this story of rebellion, vengeance, and sacrifices were all of her sake, so she could live in a bright future and with all the evil deeds that her brother committed, she has to carry that burden from deep within.

Rakshata Chawla

Code Geass - Rakshata Chawla
Rakshata Chawla

A genius on her own field, she's that scientist that goes beyond the typical nerdy type. The sharp of her tongue on devouring other people soul with her words is truly admirable even when enemies, her spirit couldn't be easily faze. Rakshata is someone that today's people could say as "cool" and "unorthodox" but she's a woman who knows her strength and use it to help her allies and achieve their goals.

Marianne vi Britannia

Code Geass - Marianne vi Britannia
Marianne vi Britannia

Lelouch and Nunnaly's mother. The fifth wife of the Emperor of Britannia and a very influential character in Code Geass' story who affected the lives of many characters especially those from Britannian Imperial Family (Lelouch other siblings). She's a brilliant and astonishing knightmare pilot whom Cornelia admired so much. She's a formidable figure in the royal family and thus, she's a threat to the relatives of her husband which led to her fake demise. In the latter part of the story, we had also seen her manipulative side and how powerful is her influence towards her children.

That ends our list of exceptional women from Code Geass who made its story powerful and even more enchanting. These were women who may have differing views about politics, war, friendship, and love but they all have that behavior that makes them unique and standout among the rest. They are empowered and enlightened women in the era of war and political instability which could be easily shakes by men of different virtues and agenda.

So, which of these women is your favorite and which one do you think should be added on this list. Actually, I still have some more names on my mind but I couldn't just compare their value or impact on the story of Code Geass to these women. Anyway, please let us know of your thoughts. 
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