Providence at Dawn Illustrator Unveiled a 100-second PV

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Providence at Dawn

Li Ming Zhi Shen Yi (Providence at Dawn) - A science fiction where Earth had been destroyed once due to an exterior force, a foreign object from space but also bring forth a new era to humanity making leaving in the sky possible and producing new advanced technology that the world had never seen. 

This may had been the story that we, Chinese anime viewers shall see IF Providence at Dawn anime project had become a reality. This is a very exciting premise filled with drama and mecha fights from a futuristic approach. However, Providence at Dawn anime project failed to get a funding and it really feels bad to see this one go. Fortunately, we were able to take a glimpse at the world of Province at Dawn with a 100-second promo video provided by its illustrator.

The PV features a supposed to be scenes if the anime had been realized which were based from the story of Providence at Dawn light novel series. The entire PV looks pretty interesting with amazing arts and melodramatic atmosphere befitting an advanced-civilization era which were at the verge of despair. 

Providence at Dawn Synopsis

This world has been destroyed once before. In the year 2060, a huge meteor landed in the center of the North Pole causing global disasters, but also bringing opportunities for evolution through "The Crystal From Other Side". Now, humans make their home in the sky in the city of Utopia. But the sky is filled with endless crusades. The Number 85 District, the largest of the sky fortresses, slowly repels the attacks from invading alien forces and terrorists in the shadows. Lu, a young orphan, joins the crew of the Flying Dolphin at the right time. The "Original Impact of Doomsday" symbolizes the beginning of a new world. This is the best and the most beautiful time in the history - until he appears... Source: MU

Nonetheless, I am still wishing for Providence at Dawn to successfully get an anime adaptation in the near future. With such an amazing plot and pretty arts, this could be another hit Chinese anime that the anime industry has yet to see. 
Monday, 15 April 2019


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