The King's Avatar Anime Season 2 Trailer is Out and We're All Hyped for Ye Xiu's Comeback

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All hail for God Ye Xiu as he is coming back for The King's Avatar Anime Season 2 which is slated to air this 2019.
The King's Avatar Anime Season 2
The King's Avatar: Ye Xiu's Team Happy

In fact, fans are rejoicing and everybody had been hyped since a concept trailer for The King's Avatar season 2 had been revealed highlighting explosive action scenes from Lord Grim. We also had a glimpse at some characters appearing in the story that had been previously introduced such as Chen Guo, Tang Rou, Han Wenqing, Wang Jiexi, Blue River, Huang Shaotian and of course Ye Xiu. In addition, we will get to know more characters from the novel getting introduced this time such as those from Glory Professional Alliance and its respective accounts that I had previously discussed in the following posts:

The King's Avatar Season 2 Formal Trailer

[Update] December 31, 2019: Few hours before 2019 ends, The King's Avatar treated us to a major surprise and it's the formal trailer its upcoming 2nd season which has been rescheduled for 2020 release.

The King's Avatar Anime Season 2 Conceptual Trailer

Aside from The King's Avatar Season 2 trailer, we also had the teaser visual for the anime.

The King's Avatar Anime Season 2 Poster
The King's Avatar Anime Season 2 Poster

The teaser visual for The King's Avatar 2 features Ye Xiu, Happy Internet Cafe's ladies Chen Guo and Tang Rou, Han Wenqing and Sun Xiang in the background, and other members of the future Team Happy: Bao Rongxing (Steamed Bun Invasion), Mo Fan (Deception), Qiao Yifan (One-inched Ash), Luo Ji (Concealed Light), An Wenyi (Little Cold Hands), and Blue Rain's former team captain Wei Chen (Windward Formation). For novel readers, it may be familiar that these were the characters who stand and fight alongside Ye Xiu during the Challenger League and the 10th season of the alliance which is I believe will be shown too in the approaching The King's Avatar live-action drama starring Chinese superstar Yang Yang.

For details about the live-action adaptation, you may check the following posts that I had previously written:

If my theory is accurate, The King's Avatar season 2 may cover Ye Xiu's effort on searching for new members and building his team. It may even cover the Challengers League on which Team Happy head on for a battle against Ye Xiu's former team Excellent Era and its god - Sun Xiang. 

The King's Avatar simply dropped so many big surprises yesterday as it also unveiled the poster for its upcoming movie adaptation "The King's Avatar: For the Glory" which is estimated to be released on August 2019.

The King's Avatar Movie

In addition, few more conceptual images for the anime film had been unveiled as follows:

The King's Avatar Movie Conceptual Images

The King's Avatar Movie Conceptual Images

The King's Avatar Movie Conceptual Images

The King's Avatar movie will cover the early days of the Glory Professional Alliance which were based from the prequel chapters of the original novel titled ”The Summit of Glory” / “Top Glory” by its author Blue Butterfly. The chapters were divided into 10 parts as follows:

  • 十五岁的夏天 The Summer We Were Fifteen
  • 请君入瓮 Please, Sir, Enter the Urn
  • 最初的朋友,一生的对手 Friends from the Start, Opponents for Life
  •  那年花开 The Year the Flowers Blossomed
  • 双核时代 The Dual-Core Era
  • 决战之时 Showdown
  • 见证奇迹的时刻 The Time for Witnessing Miracles
  • 传承 Inheritance
  • 神话的开始 The Beginnings of Legend
  • 王朝与少年 Dynasty and Youth
The King's Avatar - The Summit of Glory
The King's Avatar - The Summit of Glory

These chapters of The King's Avatar - The Summit of Glory will revolve around the early generations of Glory's professional players including Ye Xiu, Han Wenqing, Sun Zheping, Zhang Jiale, Wu Xuefeng, Lin Jie, Su Muqiu, and Wei Chen. Furthermore, we may also get the chance to see the beginning of the Golden Generation players such as Su Mucheng, Huang Shaotian, Yu Wenzhou, Zhang Xinjie, etc will be introduced at the end of the prequel chapters. I am also glad that the birth of the magician playstyle by Wang Jiexi is also included in this story. 

Ye Xiu's journey back to Glory Professional Alliance after he had been banished due to some envious people's plot. This time around, he's planning to take the championship once again (he actually had a 3-time victory under his name) together with his new team in the making. 

We're all hyped for The King's Avatar season 2 and I, myself couldn't even gauge how excited I am to see this anime comeback. Obviously, it's my first favorite Chinese anime and the show that introduced me to be a fan of Chinese animation. So, it really feels great to see Ye Xiu and his gang coming back for another anime adaptation as it feels like meeting an old friend once again. 

Are you guys excited too for The King's Avatar return? Please let us know of your thoughts and if you would like to get updated news about Chinese animation, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter. 

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