What You Need to Know About The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Prequel Movie?

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The biggest e-sports anime from China is returning this August for its prequel movie titled "The King’s Avatar: For the Glory" which is slated for release on August 16, 2019. 
The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Prequel Movie
The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Prequel Movie

For sure, my fellow fans of the anime had been waiting for the movie so bad knowing that the first season of the anime series had concluded beautifully 2 years ago. With all the fuzzed that happened in 2017, I could say that Chinese animation definitely getting the attention that it deserves and I am one of those people who had been addicted to Chinese anime or what we call “donghua” because of The King’s Avatar. 

For our readers who are not familiar with The King’s Avatar or Quan Zhi Gao Shou – it follows the story of Ye Xiu, a professional Glory player who was forced to retire due to his colleague’s evil plots and conspiracy. Due to his love for Glory, he will embark on a journey back to the professional scene with his new founded team and take home the championship. Along his journey is a story of hardship, friendship, excitement, dreams, and hope that makes the entire ride an amazing experience to follow. 

The King's Avatar Movie Poster
The King's Avatar Movie Key Poster

In this post, I will share some of the facts or things that we should know about The King’s Avatar movie as a short introduction or trivia about the film aside from the details that we had already seen from its previously revealed trailers:

Let's start our list as follows:

  • The King’s Avatar: For the Glory will take place during the first year of Glory Professional Alliance which means that it is 8 years prior to the present timeline in The King’s Avatar anime season 1.
  • The anime film is slated for release on August 16, 2019 in China.
  • The movie will adapt the story from the prequel chapters (Top of Glory) to the original light novel which is also written by Blue Butterfly – The King’s Avatar original author. 
  • The movie will unveil Su Muqiu – Su Mucheng’s older brother and the original owner of Dancing Rain. He is also Ye Xiu’s best friend and in-game rival. He is a very famous player in the Glory before the professional alliance had been founded. 
The King's Avatar Movie
Su Muqiu and little Su Mucheng

  • Su Muqiu is considered to be the best player of any Gunner class and could even surpass Ye Xiu in Gunner’s proficiency. If he didn't die in the story, there's no doubt that Su Muqiu will be among the Chinese Glory team members in The King's Avatar denouement.
  • Su Muqiu is the creator of Evil Annihilation (One Autumn Leaf’s weapon), and Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestation Umbrella.
  • Dancing Rain is created by Su Muqiu to tease his young sister, which eventually became his Su Mucheng’s account in the professional scene later on.
  • Su Muqiu supposed to be part of Team Excellent Era’s original roster before his death.
The King’s Avatar: For The Glory
Ye Xiu and Su Muqiu
  • Han Wenqing and Ye Xiu’s rivalry in the game and the alliance will be shown and highlighted in the movie. This is the battle on which we will see these two gods in their prime. 
  • Glory Professional Alliance first championship battle will be shown featuring a bloody match between Team Excellent Era and Team Royal Style. In the anime, Team Tyranny was shown as Excellent Era’s opponent for the championship instead of Royal Style. This is the moment where the legendary 3-consecutive victory of Excellent Era started.
The King's Avatar Movie
Ye Xiu and a character which I'm not sure (he looks like Lu Lianing or Xue Mingkai) I guess I'll find that out soon.

The King's Avatar Movie
Emotionless Magic & Qi Breaker or Auturmn Tree & One Autumn Leaf

The King's Avatar Movie
One Autumn Leaf & (Auturm Tree or Emotionless Magic)

  • This is the first time that we will see Peaceful Hermit in action in a motion-picture show as the God-level account wasn’t revealed yet in the anime’s first season. 
  • Lu Lianing – the newly introduced character to play Peaceful Hermit had been made because Blue Butterfly forgot about Guo Ming Yu – the original player of Peaceful Hermit in the novel.
Team Royal Style: Lu Lianing
Team Royal Style: Lu Lianing and his Peaceful Hermit

  • In Glory Professional Alliance early days – there are 3 players that people considered to be the strongest and they are Ye Xiu, Han Wenqing, and Lu Lianing (Guo Ming Yu in the novel).
  • Among the strongest God-level accounts at the beginning of the alliance are One Autumn Leaf, Desert Dust, Peaceful Hermit, Vaccaria, and Swoksaar.
  • A younger version of Su Mucheng will appear in the movie and she is such a loli here.
The King's Avatar Movie: Su Mucheng
Young Su Mucheng 

  • We will be able to see Ye Xiu and his twin brother Ye Qiu in a short scene in the movie. Maybe we could get a glimpse at Ye Xiu’s family background. 

The King’s Avatar: For the Glory will introduce the original rosters of Team Excellent Era as follows:

Ye Qiu (Ye Xiu)

Ye Xiu and his Battle Mage: One Autumn Leaf
Ye Xiu and his Battle Mage: One Autumn Leaf
 The King’s Avatar: For The Glory - Ye Xiu
Battle Mage: One Autumn Leaf 
Excellent Era Captain, 
first-generation player 
“Glory isn’t a single-player game”

Su Muqiu

Su Muqiu and his Sharpshooter: Qiumu Su
Su Muqiu and his Sharpshooter: Qiumu Su

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Su Muqiu
Sharpshooter: Autumn Tree 
Equipment Editor expert 
“Will you consider becoming a pro player?”

Wu Xuefeng

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Wu Xuefeng
Wu Xuefeng and his Qi Master: Qi Breaker
Qi Master: Qi Breaker 
Excellent Era Vice Captain, 
steady and low-key 
“Since you’ve already taken the first step, is there any more need to hesitate?”

Xue Mingkai

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory - Xue Mingkai
Xue Mingkai and his Spellblade: Total Darkness (Absent Sun)
Spellblade: Absent Sun 
Confident and hates losing 
“One day I will defeat you”

Qin Tianran

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory - Qin Tianran
Qin Tianran and his Elementalist: Emotionless Magic
Elementalist: Merciless Magic 
Candid, straightforward 
“Do you want to win or not?”

Xia Ming

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory - Xia Ming
Xia Ming and her Sharpshooter: Spring Heaven
Sharpshooter: Heaven* 
Skilled at Gun Fu, normally warm and calm, easily nervous when faced with major situations 
“No matter what happens, I still want to stay and compete”

Yin Xiong

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory  - Yin Xiong
Yin Xiong and Cleric: Woven Shadow
Cleric: Woven Shadow 
Fears real-life social interactions 
“What we want to find is an expert”

Team Excellent Era info from: SYNCOGON

You may also check our previous posts for The King's Avatar: For the Glory for more screenshots in the following articles:

The movie is based on the prequel chapters: Top of Glory which is divided into 10 parts as follows:
The King's Avatar prequel chapters: Top of Glory
The King's Avatar prequel chapters: Top of Glory
  • The Summer We Were Fifteen: The Meeting of Ye Xiu and the Su Siblings
  • Please, Sir, Enter the Urn: Blue Rain’s & Huang Shaotian
  • Friends from the Start, Opponents for Life: Desert Dust & One Autumn Leaf Story
  • The Year the Flowers Blossomed: Blood and Blossom Premise
  • The Dual-Core Era: The birth of Blood and Blossom, Battle Mage & Qi Breaker Pair
  • Showdown: Han Wenqing vs Ye Xiu
  • The Time for Witnessing Miracles: Wang Jiexi’s Rising to Power
  • Inheritance: Huang Shaotian’s Arrival
  • The Beginning of Legend: Su Mucheng Introduction to Professional Scene
  • Dynasty and Youth: Introduction of the Golden Generation

Behind the Scenes Part 1 & Part 2

[Update] As of July 19, 2019 - Coloured Pencil Animation, the studio behind the movie and the upcoming season 2 of the anime released a behind-the-scenes video clip featuring the making of The King's Avatar movie and it's amazing that it actually shows more fight scenes that what we had seen from the actual trailer.

The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Prequel Movie
The King’s Avatar: For The Glory Prequel Movie - The Birth of the Legend

These were only some of the facts and information that we should know before watching The King’s Avatar movie. In fact, it’s not just about the movie but it is also great to know this information while watching we are patiently waiting for the highly anticipated return of the anime in The King’s Avatar Season 2 which is scheduled to air this year though no specific dates yet had been revealed. However, we are lucky enough to get a glimpse at The King’s Avatar Season 2 anime PV which had been released last April and it really looks enticing and intriguing. 

So, don’t forget to watch out for The King’s Avatar: For the Glory on August. Let us know what is your thoughts about it and if you have any other additions to those things that I listed above by leaving a comment below. 

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