Who Are the Best Players of Team Happy from The King’s Avatar?

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 Team Happy from The King’s Avatar

Hey guys, have you ever wondered who are the best players of Team Happyfrom the popular Chinese web novel The King’s Avatar? I know that I am not the only one who had that question in my head and I’ll be happy to discuss my thoughts about this topic here and I am inviting everyone to share their thoughts about this topic.

In this post, I will cover all the members of Team Happy from the novel when they joined the 10th season of Glory Professional Alliance, therefore I would like to warn everyone that this post may contain spoilers especially for viewers who had only seen the anime. In fact, even the live-action adaptation of The King’s Avatar didn’t reach this point yet when its first season ended. However, I am expecting the 10th season of competition to be included in the highly anticipated return of the live-action in 2020.

First, it is no doubt that Ye Xiu will stand in the no. 1 of the list but who will follow next and succeeding names were truly interesting to know, isn’t it? However, I’ll start our discussion with the list of the members of Team Happy during their stints int he 10th season of Glory Professional Alliance with its official roster as follows:

Team Happy from The King’s Avatar

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Team Captain

  • Ye Xiu


  • Su Mucheng

Main Roster

  • Fang Rui
  • Tang Rou
  • Qiao Yifan
  • Bao Rongxing
  • Wei Chen
  • An Wenyi
  • Mo Fan
  • Luo Ji

Alright, let’s start our list of the best team members of Team Happy and I’ll be grateful to know about your feedback about it.

The King's Avatar - Team Happy Members


Team Happy - YE XIU

There’s no doubt about this because Ye Xiu had always been the peak of Glory, not just in his own team but in the entire alliance. His vast knowledge about different classes, his tactics which could be both shameless and fearsome, and his passion towards Glory was simply undisputed. Compared to his own team members, no one can stand at the top of this list other than him as there’s a huge gap between him and the rest of his team in terms of experience, knowledge, and skills. Ye Xiu eventually became the leader of the Chinese Glory team at the end of the novel, leading the best players of the Chinese Professional Alliance. In our list of best team captains from the alliance, Ye Xiu also finished at the top despite the close competition with Yu Wenzhou and Wang Jiexi.


Team Happy - SU MUCHENG

Alright, second in our list is our lovely lady Su Mucheng who may not be the best female player in the alliance but she’s definitely capable of stealing that title any moment. In the novel, we had seen her growth as she became independent from the shadows of Ye Xiu and eventually became a terrifying and ferocious player in her own right, surprising even some of the best players in the alliance when she went in the arena. At the end of the novel, Su Mucheng became a member of the Chinese Glory Team along with Ye Xiu and she also became the new captain of Team Happy aside from being the best launcher in the alliance.


Team Happy - FANG RUI

The master of playing dirty is third in our list, and I believe he could even snatch second place from Su Mucheng in selected conditions. He has vast knowledge of the game too, and also versatile in playing different classes but not on the same level as Ye Xiu. Although, if he has enough experience as our Glory’s Textbook, he could be a successor for Lord Grim too, though I am afraid Lord Grim will end up to be even more shameless. Nonetheless, he used to be the no. 1 Thief-player in the alliance and now, he could also compete with the title of the best and shameless Qi Master-player in the alliance too.


Team Happy - QIAO YIFAN

I am actually not sure whether to put Qiao YiFan or Tang Rou first but looking at the perspective of a professional player, Qiao Yifan has more qualities that make him an outstanding player than our fearless lady Tang Rou. Qiao Yifan has so much potential in it and I wouldn’t mind if he could be the next captain of Team Happy in the near future.


Team Happy - TANG ROU

She’s ferocious, unstoppable, and bold – we all love this part of Tang Rou, and being a prodigy she had been built to be an achiever. She definitely proved it already plenty of a time how competitive she is and that’s the most amazing part of her as well as her downfall at some point. She always strives for new heights, and she always gives her best to the point of being stubborn. Her hand speed is definitely top-notched and I believed she has the highest APM in their team – though Fang Rui and Mo Fan could compete with her in hand speed but only in limited period of time.


Team Happy - MO FAN

Our lone ninja is next in the list. Ability wise, Mo Fan is definitely one of the best and strongest players of Team Happy although we all know that his downside is on his character as an individual, as a person. His anti-social behavior and silent-type nature had been great hindrance to him assimilating with the team in the early stage, and I think it is also one of the reasons why he couldn’t gather information, experience efficiently. If he could finally break that chain, he is definitely a beast that will run amok in the alliance someday.



We have Steamed Bun Invasion here which is one of the most chaotic characters in the story of The King’s Avatar so far. He is unpredictable and weird which makes him an independent denominator in the competition in so many ways. He could be a bane both to his team and to their enemies. However, if we will look at the technical skills of Bao Rongxing, he could definitely compete against the likes of Mo Fan, Qiao Yifan, and Tang Rou – although most of these young players from Team Happy are fighting personal circumstances on their own which were part of their own personality and individuality.


Team Happy - WEI CHEN

This old general whose hand speed and technical skills are deteriorating sits at our 8th spot. Wei Chen's strongest point here is definitely his experience and knowledge; added with his shamelessness, that makes him a powerful foe especially for younger players who are quite weak in psychological aspect.


Team Happy - AN WENYI

There’s not much to compare An Wenyi with his other team members because his character is a cleric, character-wise it is not easy to compare their strengths. However, everybody knows that An Wenyi is Happy’s weakness as had been average in so many aspects of professional gaming skills except for his precise decision-making ability and strong psychological strength. Though he is definitely trying his best to be better and contribute more to the success of the team and that alone is a redeeming factor worth to mention.


Team Happy - LUO JI

We have here the genius but not in playing Glory on-hand. Luo Ji is a great analytical thinker and definitely one of the smartest characters in the series when it comes to theoretical thinking. However, his biggest weakness is the fact that he is a beginner and his actual technical skills are a huge mess. Nonetheless, he could still play in the actual game and it’s amazing that Ye Xiu and his team have faith in him. I dare say, he could be a great heir for Ye Xiu’s title as one of the FOUR MASTER TACTICIAN.

And that ends my list of ranking for the members of team Happy. Please let me know who do you think should be rank higher and why is that so? You may leave your thoughts in the comment section below and I think it’ll be amazing to discuss this. I have not included Wu Chen, and Chen Gou in this since they are not listed as part of the main roster in the 10th season of the game though they are part of the team during their stints in the Challenger’s League.

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