"No Doubt In Us" Chinese Anime 2020 Adaptation – Release Date, Trailer, & Synopsis

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"No Doubt In Us" Chinese Anime
It seems that we will be treated to a delightful historical romantic-comedy anime from China in 2020 as the popular manhwa Liang Bu Yi or also known as "No Doubt In Us" is getting a donghua adaptation. Imagine an empress and emperor had body-switched and eventually have to do the task of each other. This upcoming 2020 Chinese anime reminds me of Psychic Princess at some point but with a different twist. 

In this post, I will discuss some details about No Doubt In Us the donghua fans might be interested to know such as the following:
  • Overview & Synopsis
  • Release Date
  • Trailer & Poster
  • Staff & Cast

Alright, let’s start our discussion with a sneak peek to No Doubt In Us background.

Overview & Synopsis

"No Doubt In Us" Chinese Comics
Chinese manhwa "No Doubt In Us" 
No Doubt In Us is based on popular manhwa (Chinese manga) called Liang Bu Yi from Young Dream. The anime is listed as among the 2020 donghua lineup for Bilibili as revealed in their event Made by Bilibili.

The anime will cover topics such as love, gender-bend, marriage, and politics which really sounds interesting and if added with effective humor, it could be an amazing hell of a ride with so much enjoyment to savor.

The popular manhwa was first released in 2016 and had won several annual awards for 3 consecutive years. It is among the most well-loved comics in China and had been read more than 1.36 billion, more than 47 million likes, and more than 3 million subscriptions. It was also included in Top 30 of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival's "2018 Top 100 IPs" list.

"No Doubt In Us" Synopsis

Until then, the emperor hated the empress and did not trust her. However, an unfortunate accident making them exchange their bodies will allow them to better understand each other and bring them closer together.

No Doubt In Us Release

Although listed for the 2020 release, the specific details about its premiere haven’t been revealed yet. However, the upcoming anime is listed for audience 10 years old and up, and will be released in ONA format. Furthermore, according to Bilibili Conference last November 17, No Doubt In Us anime release might be on October 2020 with Bilibili as its exclusive broadcaster. According to donghua reviewer @cuchallain, No Doubt In Us anime adaptation will have a total of 24 episodes.

Trailer & Poster

A promotional video for No Doubt In Us had been revealed in Made by Bilibili event last November 17, 2019, as seen in the video below.

No Doubt In Us Extended PV for Valentine's Day 2020

Staff & Cast

"No Doubt In Us" Chinese Anime "The General"
The male main character "The General" to be voice by Ajie
No Doubt In Us anime adaptation will be animated by Paper Plane Animation Studio and will be broadcast as part of Bilibili 2020 Chinese anime lineup. The entire anime production is handled by Bilibili and manmanmanhua. 

Among the listed and most popular cast for the upcoming anime is Zhang Jie who will voice the character of the general. He previously played at some of the most well-known Chinese anime characters such as Ye Xu/Ye Qiu from The King’s Avatar, and Wei Wuxian from The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

While we only have few details yet about No Doubt In Us, there’s no doubt that it is going to be among the most awaited shoujo donghua and Chinese anime of 2020


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