Top 20 Chinese Anime (Donghua) to Watch in 2020

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The Chinese animation had reached an all-new level last 2019 with NeZha at the vanguard as it keeps on breaking box office records in China while captivated the hearts of millions of viewers from all over the world. Chinese animation or also known as donghua had been on the rise these past few years, all thanks to The King’s Avatar and Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation which both penetrated the mainstream in the global arena. And last year, we had NeZha as well as several other donghua titles that really dominated and make a buzz in the internet and that include White Snake, The King’s Avatar prequel movie: For the Glory, The Legend of Hei, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Season 2, Psychic Princess, Adorable Food Goddess, and many more. In case, you want to start watching Chinese animation, I would like to recommend our Chinese anime movie starter pack as a short introduction and welcome for you.

Chinese Anime 2020 List

According to donghua reviewer – Cuchallain from Donghua Reviews, 2020 is going to be even bigger than 2019 for the Chinese animation as dozens of giant and popular donghua are coming this year. Some of these are sequels including the highly anticipated The King’s Avatar Season 2, while the rest are adapted from famous novels or manhua (Chinese manga) which include Heaven Official’s Blessing, Scum Villain Self-Serving System (both were written by the same author as the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation). There also comes the donghua adaptation of Manual of the Hundred Demons or also known as Hundred Demons Spectrum which I believed will be a big player this 2020. While the majority of my titles here are from the 2020 donghua lineup of Bilibili, there are significant numbers of donghua from other players too like Tencent and iQiyi.

Alright, in this post I will share the top 20 donghua airing this 2020 which I highly advised you to add in your watchlist. Aside from the top 20, I will also list the honorable mentions after it as I believed there are other donghua that could make our 2020 a great journey of appreciating animation whether it’s from Japan or China.

Let’s start our list with the most obvious title which everyone is dying to know whether it’ll be released soon or not.

The King’s Avatar Season 2

Donghua 2020 The King’s Avatar Season 2

Quan Zhi Gao Shou Season 2. First in our list is the donghua that made me a fan of Chinese anime , my favorite Chinese anime of all time, and that is no other than the biggest e-sports donghua of the decade – The King’s Avatar. The first season had set our 2017 on fire and followed by a 3-episode OVA (8thSeason All-Star Competition) in 2018. A year later, fans are expecting for the 2nd season to be released in 2019 after the conceptual trailer had been released in April last year. However, we instead get the prequel movie For the Glory which made us cry a river due to the introduction of Su Muqiu, and Ye Xiu’s entrance in the Glory Professional scene despite how disappointing its screenplay is. Just before 2019 ended, we had been treated to a special surprise when The King’s Avatar Season 2 formal trailer had been unveiled. For more info about The King's Avatar anime season 2, you may check our separate post about it at: The King's Avatar Season 2 Anime - Release Date, Trailers & Updates. In a latest announcement by Tencent, The King's Avatar season 2 release was scheduled on the 3rd quarter of 2020, thus we can expect it to be release by either July or August just like what they did on Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation season 2, and Battle Through the Heavens season 3.

The King's Avatar Season 2 Anime Trailer

In the trailer, we had seen Ye Xiu building his new team from scratch which is Team Happy and it seems that they are finally slowly coming all together while the rest of the guilds in Glory are cooking some special disasters and challenges for them. The question now is that, who do you think will face huge disasters once the donghua officially premiered?

Heaven Official's Blessing

Donghua 2020 Heaven Official's Blessing

Tian Guan Ci Fu – From the studio behind Fox Spirit Matchmaker comes Heaven Official’s Blessing. This is based on a novel written by Mo Xiang Tiu the author who also wrote the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi), and will be another danmei (boys-love) to watch out for this 2020 from China. There’s one thing that I am sure though, Heaven Official’s Blessing will surely rip our hearts with its drama, and captured us with its visually stunning animation. Heaven Official's Blessing is listed as the top anticipated anime from bilibili's 2020 lineup.

Heaven Official's Blessing Trailer

Chivalrous Hero Shen JianXin 2

Donghua 2020 Chivalrous Hero Shen JianXin 2

I have previously listed this donghua as one of the best comedy Chinese anime out there and I am simply happy to see it coming back for another season as I firmly believed that the world needs more humor and not just love. With its hilarious streak of parody approach, Chivalrous Hero Shen JianXin was able to catch the attention of many donghua viewers including me, and I couldn’t think of my 2020 donghua watchlist without it.

Chivalrous Hero Shen JianXin 2 Trailer

The Legend of Deification

Donghua 2020 The Legend of Deification

Jiang Zi Ya. The first donghua film in our list is The Legend of Deificationwhich is set in the same universe as the 2019 record-breaking movie NeZha. The Chinese gods’ universe must be really vast and it couldn’t be contained alone in one donghua story. Upon watching its trailer, I felt like dropping my jaw on how fantastic the animation quality is, and how emotionally powerful the plot is.

The Legend of Deification English-Subbed Trailer

Fog Hill of the Five Elements

Donghua 2020 Fog Hill of the Five Elements

Wu Shan Wu Xing (山五行) – An anime that I’ve been craving to see and had been in the making since 2017 with studio Samsara’s small number of crews but dedication and effort, Fog Hill of the Five Elements sure is going to be big with godlike animation based on the previously released set of trailers. At first, I thought that this donghua will be released last year, however, the entire production had been delayed but before 2019 ended, its production is almost finished, thus I am expecting that it’ll be released this 2020. This donghua is a joined project of Samsara Animation Studio & Nice Boat Animation. For more info about this, you may check our separate post about it at: Fog Hill of the Five Elements - the most anticipated Chinese anime of the year. [Update: Fog Hill of Five Elements release date is scheduled on July 26, 2020 as part of summer 2020 Chinese anime lineup.

Fog Hill of the Five Elements Trailer

Full-Time Magister Season 4

Donghua 2020 Full-Time Magister Season 4

Quanzhi Fashi Season 4 - Another Chinese anime airing in 2020 is no other than the 4th season of Full-Time Magister which gained a lot of popularity in the west despite how average its animation quality is. I have watched it from the 1st season and while I got attached to it, I can’t ignore the fact that it is somehow mediocre at some points. But what’s amazing about it is it was able to capture the hearts of the viewers and had become one of the most popular donghua in, recent years. Few days ago, a trailer Full-Time Magister season 4 had been released giving us a glimpse at what to expect from Mo Fan, and his group as they fought monsters and evil-doers with their magic. 

Full-Time Magister Season 4 Trailer

Rakshasa Street Season 2

Donghua 2020 Rakshasa Street Season 2

While Rakshasa Street Season 2 officially premiered in 2019, the majority of its run will air in 2020 after it’s released in December. Fans are hyped for this, and the donghua itself had been one of the most recognized and has a huge cult-following among Chinese anime series in recent years. The 2nd season also comes with an even better animation which will make the fans go crazy over some fascinating fight scenes from the show.

Manual of the Hundred Demons

Donghua 2020 Manual of the Hundred Demons

Bai Yao Pu (百妖) – Also known as Hundred Demons Spectrum is among the biggest and most anticipated Chinese anime of 2020 from bilibili. With such a stunning animation based on the previously released trailer during the Bilibili Event that launched its donghua projects for 2020, Manual of the Hundred Demons will tell us a rather generic story that we have heard from the other anime shows before but this time it will be delivered with Chinese flair and a beautiful animation sequence. The upcoming donghua is based on a manhua and tell us the story of a doctor who treats spirits, or supernatural creatures on which she’ll become entangled in the story between these spirits and with humans as the series goes on. Does this remind you of some familiar cliché? On my end, it feels like a combination of a whole lot of series including my favorites Natsume’s Book of Friends, and Mushishi (both sits as my 1st and 2nd favorite anime of all time). The Manual of Hundred Demons anime adaptation release date is scheduled on April 25, 2020 at bilibili and was animated by Haoliners Animation League. It will air as part of the spring 2020 Chinese anime seasonal lineup which includes popular titles such as Stellar Transformations season 2, White Cat Legend, Everlasting Immortal Firmament season 4, All Saints Street, Those Years I Opened a Zoo, God of Deception, Tales of Demons and Gods season 4, Hitori no Shita: The Outcast season 3, Spicy Girl, and Spirit Wind Elegance.

Hundred Demons Spectrum Trailer

White Cat Legend

Donghua 2020 White Cat Legend

Based on a popular manhua called The Journal of the Dali Temple, White Cat Legend is an upcoming donghua that had been released in 2020 along with the Fog Hill of the Five Elements. The donghua is a project of Nice Boat Animation (which is also the supporting studio behind SAMSARA which is working on the Fog Hill of the Five Elements) so I am expecting both donghua to be release altogether or consecutively. Based on the previously released trailers and visuals, White Cat Legend is offering us an amazing action-filled animation with visually stunning graphics that I will seriously adore throughout its run. White Cat Legend anime was officially released last April 10, 2020 at bilibili. For more info, you may check: White Cat Legend Anime Release & Updates.

Scum Villain Self-Saving System

Donghua 2020 Scum Villain Self-Saving System

穿自救指南Another Mo Xiang Tiu work will be adapted into a donghua this 2020 and what’s even more amazing is that it will be animated by BC May – the donghua studio that brought us the legendary The King’s Avatar (1st season) and the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. In fact, I am expecting for the sequel of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation to be announced once the Scum Villain Self-Saving System will be released. It’s just a matter of time, and knowing that we have the same author here, this donghua will make our 2020 a heartfelt and a dramatic ride especially for the fans of danmei story. Scum Villain Self-Saving System is listed as part of Tencent 2020 Chinese anime lineup. According to latest update, Scum Villain Self-Saving System will be release in the 4th quarter of the 2020. Thus, we can expect it to be out by either October or November.

Music Up 2

Donghua 2020 Music Up 2

Almost 20 years after its first release, Music Up is returning as a reboot animated project. The very first idol anime in China will once again introduce itself to the new generation of donghua viewers. While the first series had been quite roughed with the actual anime show received mixed reviews, it gained a huge following in early 2000 making Music Up among the most popular merchandise items among teenagers at that time. On my end, I am simply excited how this will turn out since the trailer already got me and I am simply hoping to hear some more amazing music from this, and that would be perfect.

Music Up 2 (2020) Trailer

Fantasy x Hunter

Donghua 2020 Fantasy x Hunter

Alright, we have here an isekai and if there are any reasons that make me excited for this is the fact that it’s from Colored Pencil Animation which previously gave us the terrific tearjerker experience in The King’s Avatar: For the Glory prequel movie less the horrible screenplay that I can’t ignore. Fantasy x Hunter revolves around a set of teenagers transported into another world, it’s more like our generic MMO isekai but the animation is quite good especially that promotional video that they previously released last 2018.

Occult Investigator’s Strange Record

Donghua 2020 Occult Investigator’s Strange Record

Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu (局异闻录) – Another donghua project from BC May, this has been announced after the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation season 2 concluded and I am simply excited for this as the trailers that were previously released looks really sick. The animation quality on this is no doubt going to take our breath away while also giving us a decent story. Occult Investigator’s Strange Record will be released as part of the Tencent Video donghua lineup for 2020.

Occult Investigator’s Strange Record Trailer

Deity Introspection

Donghua 2020 Deity Introspection

眷思量 – This upcoming donghua had captured my attention for so long due to its fantastic animation quality and character designs. The 3D animation in this one is just absurdly beautiful and otherworldly. Personally, I have quite few information about its story but it is among my most hyped Chinese anime for 2020. With its vivid high-quality animation, added with an acceptable story – I believed Deity Introspection will be an amazing donghua to follow. This anime is from the art director that gave us the Chinese anime Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms. In the latest update from Tencent, Deity Introspection will be release in summer 2020 anime lineup.

Deity Introspection PV

No Doubt In Us

Donghua 2020 No Doubt In Us

Liang Bu Yi - Based on a popular novel, No Doubt In Uspromises an exciting and hilarious donghua drama in 2020 that could follow the footsteps of 2019 smash-hit Psychic Princess anime adaptation. No Doubt In Us  anime will revolve around a couple with estrange relationship with each other and one day, they ended up switching bodies which will make them realized the struggles and situation of each other while also presenting a cute and funny romantic comedy atmosphere throughout its run. The upcoming donghua is listed as part of Billibili’s 2020 Chinese anime lineup and is scheduled for release in October.

No Doubt In Us Anime Trailer

Planting Manual

Donghua 2020 Planting Manual

Yao Jing Zhong Zhi Shou Ce (妖精植手册) – Here’s another exciting donghua that I am craving to see and is scheduled to air this January, it’s Planting Manual which is based on a manhua called Demon Spirit Seed Manual. The recent promotional videos that were released for this donghua were captivating and I must say that I truly fell in love with its opening theme song Elegy of Fairies which really gives that vibes of Elves from The Lord of the Ring. Planting Manual is part of Tencent Video lineup for 2020 and is animated by Big Firebird Culture Media.

New Zeal God: NeZha Reborn

Donghua 2020 New Zeal God: NeZha Reborn

Xin Feng Shen Ne Zha Chong Sheng (新封神:哪重生) – While this newly announced anime film is not related to 2019 smash-hit NeZha (since it was far different from the original legend), this new NeZha film will be handled by Light Chaser Animation Studio and director Zhao Ji that gave us the stunningly beautiful White Snake: The Origin. New Zeal God: NeZha Reborn is scheduled for release in summer.

Hero Return

Donghua 2020 Hero Return

Ying Xiong Zai Lin (英雄再) – Also known as Hero? I’ve Long Stopped Being One. This upcoming donghua is one of the most highly anticipated Chinese anime by the fans of its source material which is a novel of the same title. Hero Return could be compared to a certain degree to One Punch Man. However, there are some differences, although they are both overwhelming or overpowered, our hero in this story is one with a great sense of leadership who made him stand atop the pyramid of the world superheroes. Unfortunately, our hero suddenly disappeared from people’s eyes and it seems that he quit for good or so it seems. That is the premise of Hero’s Return anime adaptation that may tackle his comeback in the scene. The previously revealed trailer of Hero’s Return had been widely discussed by our readers in our social media outlet and that fact alone made me excited for this Chinese anime.

Hero Return Trailer

The Defective

Donghua 2020 The Defective

Previously known as Access Denied which I believed to be quite irrelevant from the original story, The Defective is set to become the biggest interstellar adventure in the Chinese anime community. I have to say that the premise of the story is quite ambitious although it has so many clichés that we could found from other science fiction novels. Nonetheless, this is going to be a breath of fresh air in 2020 Chinese anime lineup most especially since we have tons of wuxia, martial arts donghua this year as well as transmigration adventure (isekai) story. The Defective is part of Bilibili’s 2020 anime lineup and will be animated by Coastline Animation Studio.

The Defective (Donghua) Trailer

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality

Donghua 2020 A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality

Fanren Xiu Xian Chuan - Based on a xianxia novel of the same title, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality will be released as part of the Bilibili 2020 donghua lineup will feature almost real 3D character designs. I can say that a huge amount of effort and budget were placed on this project and might become of the biggest 3DCG anime of China this year. The story of this donghua will follow an ordinary boy who will rise to immortality through cultivation and while the plot screams like Battle Through the Heavens, or Martial Universe, I am eager to see how it will be unique from the rest of cultivation donghua out there. 

Meanwhile, here's the list of other Chinese anime to look forward in 2020:
  • The Furious Yama 
  • Stellar Transformation Season 2
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi Q
  • A Will Eternal
  • Silent Reading
  • The Daily Life of the Immortal King
  • Spirit Wind Elegance
  • The Country of Rare Treasure
  • Ling Long: Incarnation Season 2
  • The Ravages of Time
  • Beast Haunting
  • Mr. Miao
  • Hitori no Shita: The Outcast Season 3
  • Tian Bao Fu Yao Lu (Legend of Exorcism)
  • Lonely Hero
  • Spicy Girl
  • The Years I Kept a Zoo
  • All Saints Street
  • The Chronologist (Huangli Shi)
  • New Gods: NeZha Reborn
  • Yuan Long
  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker Season 9
  • Martial Universe Season 2
  • Non-Human Season 2
  • School Shock: Son Of Eden
  • Mirror: Twin Cities
  • Chronicles of Everlasting Wind and Sword Rain
  • Song of Time
  • God of Deception
  • Tales of Demons and Gods Season 4
  • Everlasting Immortal Firmament Season 4

I have only listed the most hyped of the upcoming donghua titles here; therefore I might have skipped some of the shows that you may have in your watchlist. However, these 20 Chinese anime is a must-watch this 2020 and I believed that all of them will make our year even more interesting.

I am also excited to know what’s your favorites from our list as well as your own most hyped donghua of the year by leaving your comment below.

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