shinkon santaku 新婚三択

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In Japanese, shinkon santaku 新婚三択, meaning "newly-wed three choices," refers to a scenario in which a newly wed husband arrives home to his newly wed wife, who provides him with three choices:

おかえりなさいあなた♡ お風呂にする? ご飯にする? それとも・・・わ♡た♡し♡?
Manga: Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san すのはら荘の管理人さん (Volume 1, Chapter 9, Page 80)
  • Context: Yukimoto Yuzu 雪本柚子 imagines herself as a bride who would support her future husband.
  • okaerinasai anata ♡
    [Welcome home, dear.]
    • anata
      You. (second person pronoun.)
      Sometimes used by a wife to refer to her husband.
  • ofuro ni suru?
    gohan ni suru?
    soretomo... wa... ta... shi...?

    [What do you want to do]?
    [Eat]? [Take a] bath? Or... me?
    • soretomo watashi
      Or me. (often pronounced with coquettish pauses between syllables.)
    • gohan means a "meal," and can be "lunch" or "dinner." It's normally dinner since the scenario is usually about a husband coming home from work.
    • ni suru にする means to settle on doing something. It doesn't carry a sexual innuendo like "do me" in English. Although suru する alone, "to do [it]," is sometimes an innuendo for "to have sex."

Despite the name, most instances of this scenario do not happen between newly wed couples, or even wed couples, just between any two random characters.
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Thursday, 27 February 2020


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