Horizontal Shadow Lines

Posted by : zahid
In manga and anime, sometimes parallel horizontal lines, typically blue lines, are drawn coming out of a character to look like they're casting a shadow.

This is used when the character feels alienated, dejected, sulking in a corner, or dumbfounded, speechless, or burned out.

Suou Tamaki 須王環, Fujioka Haruhi 藤岡ハルヒ, example of horizontal blue lines.
Left: Fujioka Haruhi 藤岡ハルヒ
Right: Suou Tamaki 須王環
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club, Ouran Koukou Hosuto-Bu 桜蘭高校ホスト部 (Episode 1)
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Saturday, 21 March 2020


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