namida-me 涙目

Posted by : zahid
In Japanese, namida-me 涙目 means "tearful eyes," or "teary eyes." In manga and anime, eyes are sometimes drawn with tear drops on the corners, but those drops don't fall on the cheek, they simply hang in there.

In particular, although crying characters are typically actually sad and depressed, characters that just have a tear hanging from their eyes can have other emotions too, like being embarrassed, displeased, or angry.

Maki Natsuo 真木夏緒, example of "tearful eyes," namida-me 涙目.
Character: Maki Natsuo 真木夏緒
Anime: Love Lab, Ren'ai Rabo 恋愛ラボ (Episode 1)
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Monday, 6 April 2020


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