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It is our human nature to always look for something more beyond what we normally see on the surface. As a fan of the Korean webtoon series Tower of God by SIU, I always see people shipping various characters from the series. However, no other ships could top the complex relationship that 25th Bam or Jyu Viole Grace shared with almost every character from its story. In this post, I will highlight some of the most popular characters that were attached with Bam and what is his real relationship with them. After all, everyone wants to learn the real score between Bam and these various characters despite not having a canon or legit romance in the Tower of God story. It is all up to the fans to think about it and make things even more complicated with how they ship the characters.

Tower of God - Who do you ship with Baam?

With the anime adaptation of Tower of God from spring 2020 anime lineup, people are talking about the various characters from the series and what’s their relationship with our main character 25thBam. Therefore, I’ll make a short introduction about these various relationships from Tower of God and hoping that some people will enjoy it since I’ll also add some of my sugar-coated thoughts about them.

[WARNING: Please proceed with caution, following texts may contain spoilers]

25th Bam & Rachel Relationship

Tower of God "Bam and Rachel"

When I first watched the Tower of God, I really thought that Bam and Rachel are childhood friends who like each other or somewhat like a childhood sweetheart of a sort. However, when I delve deeper into its story and eventually read the webtoon, I was slapped by the bitter truth and harsh reality that waits to Bam. While most fans see Bam looking at Rachel on a romantic level, such a thing is not the truth as it seems that our main character looks up to Rachel as a mother or sister figure. Yes, Bam only sees Rachel as a mother or sister, more or less since she’s the first person that Bam had met.

As the story goes on, this relationship had turned sour, where Bam even threaten to kill Rachel if she keeps on putting the lives of his friends in danger. I believed this happened in the webtoon when Rachel almost killed Khun Aguero Agnis which puts the latter in a comatose state. As they both climb the Tower, Bam and Rachel had been rivals but our main character is so pure-hearted that he still wants to fight Rachel evenly, fair & square despite all the wicked tricks and schemes of Rachel.

25th Bam & Endorsi Jahad Relationship

Tower of God "Bam and Endorsi"

Here’s another complicated relationship that 25thBam shared with another female character of Tower of God – it is with Princess Endorsi Jahad. It all started a bit rough especially with Endorsi being a hard-headed princess that she is. However, Bam and crew were eager to befriend her. In the Hide & Seek game, we had learned of Endorsi backstory and also her first impression of Bam. At first, she thought of Bam as someone who is soft and doesn’t have the strength and resolve to climb the Tower. Yet, she gradually changed her opinion and eventually helped Bam on various occasions while also hiding her real feelings and still acting rough on the surface.

As they continue to climb the Tower, Endorsi had been a part of Shibisu team and eventually come across Jyu Viole Grace, later on, 25th Bam’s new name and persona. When Endorsi finds out about Bam and Viole being the same person, she helped him eventually and became an integral part of Bam’s journey in climbing the Tower. Endorsi had helped him a lot of times, and in some situations, she always drops hints that she may have some affection towards Bam. In various situations, we had seen them together like a couple dating each other, and Endorsi always acted like she is Bam’s girlfriend. Fans had always speculated of Bam and Endorsi romantic relationship but no such thing had been shown in the Tower of God's story yet. However, Bam treats Endorsi as one of his closest friends and he really cares for her. Endorsi also cared so much for Bam, which she went to confront Rachel a lot of times about why the latter keeps on betraying and hurting Bam.

25th Bam & Princess Ha Yuri Jahad Relationship

Tower of God "Bam and Yuri"

When Princess Ha Yuri Jahad first appeared in the story, we all think that she’ll play an important role in Bam’s journey towards the top of the Tower and it seems quite true. Yuri had become one of Bam’s strongest allies and even protected him a lot of times from his opponents – both from Jahad Army and F.U.G. Yuri even went too far by betraying King Jahad just to protect Bam. While we are aware that Yuri had taken a liking to Bam, it is too early to jump into a conclusion and see it romantically. Although Yuri seems quite annoyed when Endorsi gets too close and talking casually with Bam, which makes the two princesses a bit distant from each other (though Yuri had a teacher-sister relationship with Endorsi). As of now, I am more comfortable stating that Bam also sees Yuri like an older sister, and Yuri sees Bam like a younger brother that she needs to protect as she witnessed him destroying long-standing rules & traditions of the Tower. It seems like she’s among the princess who will vouch for Bam’s revolution in the Tower.

 25th Bam & Hwaryun Relationship

Tower of God "Bam and Hwa Ryun"

Alright, people romantically see them but I felt like they shared a master and follower relationship at best with Hwaryun playing the role of a mysterious guide who is devoted to fulfilling the desire of her chosen god. While Bam and Hwaryun had cute moments together and at some points, it seems quite romantic as it was really shown that they both cared for each other (especially when Bam went to save Hwaryun when she was taken hostage a lot of times). I think that Hwaryun is dedicated to Bam’s fate as someone who will change the Tower. She had chosen him as her god and she’ll do anything to guide him and enable him to fulfill his wishes, his desires, and his cause no matter what or who shall be the sacrifices. Nevertheless, Hwaryun has proven to be an integral part of Bam’s journey and I believed that she will do more in the future chapters of the story.

25th Bam & Khun Aguero Agnis

Tower of God "Bam and Khun"

If Tower of God is a boys-love story, then Bam and Khun Aguero ship is obviously our runaway winner. Throughout the story of Tower of God, we all know that Aguero is Bam’s best friend who supported him (and sometimes hinder him to avoid further trouble involving Rachel) in his journey in climbing the Tower. Aguero first takes a special liking to Bam and he only sees him as someone that he can use in the future but that eventually grows into a fond friendship. Bam also cares for Khun, and we see that he is willing to go far to even threaten Rachel, if she harms his friends again, after Rachel tried to kill Khun in the Hidden Floor of the Hell Train. While the Tower of God is not BL, fans could push for Bam & Khun, and I even noticed some scenes where they appeared to be close to each other physically. However, I rather want to keep the shounen vibes of Tower of God instead of going on heavy romance instead.

So far, these are the various characters that people ship with 25th Bam in the Tower of God. While there are other characters worth mentioning including Ehwa Yeon. We’ll definitely have to wait for more progress in the story of the Tower of God before we finally get some tea about the romance side. Meanwhile, I have started this Tower of God archive section here in the blog and if you wish to read more, you may want to check the following post:

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