The Strongest Characters from "Tower of God" Anime Series

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Is the Tower of God anime adaptation stirred up your interest to read the webtoon already? There are tons of good reasons to enjoy and love Slave In Utero or simply known as SIU’s popular webtoon Tower of God. On my end, I am sincerely falling in love with its interesting characters, exciting plot twists, intriguing and well-built world-setting, and great character & story development. I have reached the latest chapter of the webtoon as of writing this post, and it is a fantastic and fun experience so far. However, in this post, I will solely discuss the Tower of God anime adaptation which is listed as a Crunchyroll Originals along with other popular webtoons such as The God of High School and Noblesse; which premiered last April 1 for the spring 2020 anime season.

Tower of God Anime Strongest Regulars

As I have mentioned, one of the reasons why I love Tower of God so much is the interesting characters from its story. In the webtoon, there are various characters that I fell in love with for many reasons, it might be because of their strength and attitude (Evankhell cough cough), or intelligence, or beautiful character designs, or they have an amazing backstory and likable personalities. Hence, in this post I will discuss the strongest characters from Tower of God, but it will only cover those characters that appeared in the anime adaptation so far. I don’t want to spill too much spoilers so I will only discuss about the Tower of God characters that appeared in the anime series. Although, I hope people will soon start reading the Tower of God webtoon especially those viewers who are enjoying the anime adaptation, I am 100% confident that you’ll enjoy the webtoon series even more.

Now, let’s start our discussion about the topic of who are the strongest characters from Tower of God? With similar setup to popular shounen anime nowadays, among the most notable aspects that fans generally looking forward in Tower of God is the strength of the characters. Questions such as who’s the most powerful among this set of characters? Or is that specific character really that powerful? We definitely have these questions and thoughts in our mind several times while watching the anime. As I’ve mentioned I will only cover characters that appeared in the anime, yet we also have to consider separating the regulars from the rankers. So, I will divide this post between the two. I will introduce first my top 10 strongest regulars from Tower of God, and then I will follow it by a short introduction to rankers, and even other characters such as Princess Ha Yuri Jahad, or the floor administrators. I also believed that Tower of God anime adaptation will cover the first season of the webtoon which will end at an exciting and shocking finale at Floor of Test.

Top 10 Strongest Regular from Tower of God (Anime)

10. Alexay / Aleksai Amigochaz

Tower of God anime "Alexay"

We have the red-colored winged-boy here. It was hinted that he is among the strongest regulars of their batch and he was shown to be sitting on a pile of bodies when the test on the 2nd floor had concluded. Alexay is quite durable and have incredible physical strength. His fighting style is quite similar to boxing, and he has the tendency to fight violently. He was assigned in the position of a spear-bearer.

9. Hwaryun

Tower of God anime "Hwaryun"

Hwaryun is our red-witch guide though she’s keeping a low profile in "Tower of God" season 1. Hwaryun is capable of utilizing shinsu to enhance her speed and strength since he is a wave controller. In the anime, we had seen that Hwaryun is capable of fighting on even ground with Endorsi Jahad, this is possibly because of her power too as a guide with her accurate predictions. Hwaryun has been seen using a Dual-Bladed Gold Long Staff and she used it magnificently in that fight in the Crown Game. In this period of time, Hwaryun seems to have more fighting experience than the other regulars, so she could easily defeat her peers aside from the succeeding characters in this list.

8. Bam

Tower of God anime "Bam"

Obviously Bam could top this list since he is the main character of Tower of God. He has so much potential inside of him and all those monstrous powers are just waiting to be awakened. Currently, Bam is like an innocent and fragile puppy until his bare his fangs to anyone who means harm to him and his desire to see Rachel. In the Crown Game, we had seen that he is capable of controlling shinsu on a different scale which surprised everyone. As the story goes on, Bam’s ability to learn skills and knowledge easily become noticeable. This is where we could see his progress, as he slowly awakened those hidden powers while slowly but effectively learning. Even in Floor of Test, Bam had been slowly showing a monstrous growth in his power despite having a timid appearance. He can easily control and even the reverse the flow of shinsu to leave his opponent immobile in a short period of time.

All his experience in the Floor of Test and battles that he fought will become the building block and stepping stone for him to further enhance his ability as a wave controller, and a fighter. Despite all of this, I am putting Bam at the 8th place here since he is still quite far from being the strongest among his peers during the timeline in the Tower of God season 1.

7. Rak Wraithraiser

Tower of God "Rak Wraithraiser"

We have our favorite turtle here and it’s Rak the mad chocolate eater. I won’t spill that much tea but Rak is an amazing character. He is like the unexpected independent variable in the story that could surprise anyone despite taking over the role of a comic relief in the story. Rak is a spear bearer and his offensive ability is strong enough that he passed the spear bearer test which makes him exempted for the game of Hide & Seek. Behind the comic relief aspect of his character, Rak sure have a real punch power. Rak easily passed through Lero Ro’s shinsu barrier, even faster than Khun Aguero Agnis. Rak is from the Wraithraiser species and a descendant of the Native Ones. Due to his lineage, he is quite physically strong and has high resistance to shinsu.

6. Khun Aguero Agnis

Tower of God anime "Khun Aguero Agnis"

A son of Khun Eduan from the 10 Great Families of the Tower, Aguero Agnis is quite the noble among his fellow regulars, although he was abandoned and considered as outcast by his family. He is aiming to overthrown his father as the head of the Khun family. Khun Aguero Agnis is the character that we both like and despise at some point due to his cunning and scheming nature. As a member of the 10 Great Families, he had strong physical abilities compared to normal people and while he is a capable fighter, his strongest point is his intelligence. He is manipulative, being able to bend the rules to his own favor. The only problem with A.A. so far is that he is quite weak when it comes to individual battle where he doesn’t have any pawns that he could use.

5. Hatz

Tower of God anime "Hatz"

A talented swordsman, Hatz exudes that powerful yet enigmatic nature which we could compare with Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto series. We had seen him fighting evenly with Anaak in the first test in the 2ndfloor. Along with Anaak, Hatz also easily passed through the shinsu barrier of Lero Ro indicating his strength. He also challenged a ranker in the Hide and Seek game where we had seen some of his sword-fighting skills. I believe that Hatz has the raw talents, but he doesn’t have proper technique yet. If he could have someone to mentor him on harnessing his talent in swords, Hatz could definitely do better in the future.

4. Anaak Jahad

Tower of God anime "Anaak Jahad"

Being the daughter of the real Anaak (the Jahad Princess), a portion of Jahad’s power is passed down to Anaak and with the Green April in her hand, she’s a real force that her fellow regulars feared. Paired with her stubborn nature, Anaak is a brute fighter, a fisherman whose fighting style is fierce and purely offensive. The only problem that we have with Anaak is her offensive style on which she emphasizes too much on brute force and relies on her instinct. She’s definitely a pure-blooded fisherman but a little habit of reading the situation and being cautious would always help her to do better in any fight. That is why I’m putting her at the 4thplace despite knowing that she has the capacity to overwhelm the next person in our list.

3. Phonsecal Laure

Tower of God anime "Phonsecal Laure"

Too much of being a lowkey, that it is easy to figure out that he is some kind of a big shot, Laure is from the Phonsecal family which is a branch of the Eurasia family – one of the 10 Great Families of the Tower. He is an exceptional shinsu user and arguably the best wave controller among his regular peers in the first season of Tower of God (since Bam’s power is not consistent yet at this stage of the story and he is more of a fisherman type of wave controller). He has the most efficient shinsu management abilities on which he could control shinsu in various ways and feats.

He usually sleeps most of the time, despite that he was able to easily pass through Lero Ro’s shinsu barrier and even challenge Anaak which leads the latter to snapped and ignite her Green April. Even at such disadvantage, he is quite excited to fight Anaak proving that he can still do more, and with his perceptive nature, I won’t be surprise if he can give Anaak a bitter pill of her own impulse. Laure also sees the potential in Bam’s ability as a wave controller which indicates his keen eyes and observant nature despite of sleeping most of the time. The reason why we have Laure in upper part of our list of strongest regulars from the first part of Tower of God is the fact that he is the best shinsu users among his peers. In terms of deductive and reasoning skills, I believe Laure is the best among his peers after Khun Aguero Agnis.

2. Endorsi Jahad

Tower of God anime "Endorsi Jahad"

We have Princess Endorsi  Jahad here. She’s someone that people will both like and hate at the same time especially during the game of Hide & Seek where we see a bit of her twisted personality and a glimpse of her backstory. While it might have been just a scheme of Khun, we could truly see Endorsi being a force reckoned with among the regulars in the Floor of Test. She had a portion of King Jahad power inside of her; she’s capable of handling Anaak’s brute fighting style; she could stand her own ground towards Hwaryun despite of the latter being a guide. She was also able to win the Hide & Seek game, being able to outwit the ranker Quant Blitz.

1 .Ghost / Akryung

Tower of God anime "Ghost"

Topping our list is a very strong character called Ghost. He was the underling of Headon who was assigned to help Rachel on climbing the Tower. Along with Bam, and Rachel, Ghost is also assumed to be an Irregular, and Endorsi stated that he is very strong. In fact, Ghost alongside Rachel and Endorsi were able to slaughtered almost 200 regulars in the Deathmatch Test. Ghost was assigned the position of a spear-bearer and was able to hit an extremely far target in his first try, proving his exceptional skills. Among the Regulars in the first season of Tower of God, Ghost definitely stands above everyone else when it comes to strength and power.


The Rankers/Etc

Tower of God anime "Leroro"

You might be wondering what are the rankers, the Jahad Princesses, and administrators as these are terms that we often see in the Tower of God. Let me introduce them one by one as follows:


These are the regulars who had reached the top of the Tower and were given the special privilege to materialize their wish: be that desire is strength, wealth, or the privilege to work with the Jahad Army. Rankers may also work as mercenaries, or work in various factions in the Tower including the 10 Great Families, the FUG, etc. In Tower of God anime adaptation, we had met some of them including the following:

  • High Rankers: Princess Ha Yuri Jahad,  Evan Edrok,
  • Advanced Rankers: Hansung Yu
  • Rankers: Lero Ro, Quant Blitz, Yuga, Hax, Yu-Bok-Dol

Jahad Princesses

Tower of God anime "Ha Yuri Jahad"

These were the people who had been chosen by King Jahad to be his daughters and warriors. They are not directly related by blood. Most of them were from the 10 Great Families, while some are chosen from minor families or organizations. A portion of King Jahad power had been blessed into them once they were chosen and for the family where they came from, it’s a prestige to become a Jahad Princess. Among the Jahad Princesses that were introduced in the Tower of God animeare as follows:

  • Princess Ha Yuri Jahad
  • Anaak Jahad (real)
  • Endorsi Jahad
  • Khun Maria Jahad

Administrators or Floor Guardians

Tower of God anime "Headon"

These were the entity that people considered as gods of the Tower. Each floor in the Tower had an administrator and they are the strongest entity in their own floor. They have the power to bestowed strength or restrict anyone within their domain. So far there are only 2 administrators introduced in the Tower of God anime series and they were Headon (from the 1st floor – pilot episode), and the unnamed administrator of the Floor of Test.


Before I’ll end this post, I would like to ask for your opinions too about who do you think is the strongest characters from Tower of God anime series (regulars & rankers) as well as from the webtoon?  Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to know your opinions. While the anime is currently airing, we as fans could only expect for more exciting events to happen and hope that the anime adaptation will eventually live up to the hype of the webtoon. So far, I am sincerely enjoying it and I don’t see any reasons for the avid fans of the webtoon to be disappointed.

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