Spring 2020 Anime Season – My Final Impression Review

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Hey guys, it’s me Yu and I am back for another final impression review for the seasonal lineup of 2020 and this time, we’ll talk about the mild spring 2020 season. To some people in the anime community, spring 2020 season had been quite non-existent, this is due to the effect of Covid-19 pandemic in the industry which caused some series and movies to be postponed or delayed indefinitely. Unfortunately, among my favorites that have been postponed from spring 2020 anime lineup are Food Wars Season 5, The Millionaire Detective, Appare-Ranman!, Re:Zero Season 2, Sword Art Online III: War of the Underworld Part 2, and Oregairu Season 3 (all are rescheduled for release as part of the summer 2020 anime lineup). In the movies, Violet Evergarden the Movie and Given are supposed to be released last spring too.

Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 2
Add captionKaguya-sama Love is War Season 2
Nonetheless, spring 2020 anime season had been a fun one too. The delay and postponement of the giants I had mentioned above also give chance to new anime to gain attention and followers. In fact, some of the titles that continue to air from spring surprised me such as Hamefura: My Next Life as a Villainess, and Princess Connect! Re:Dive, both shows might be among my last options to watch if some bigger titles weren’t postponed.

Now, I would like to share my thoughts about the spring 2020 lineup as a whole and which anime dominated the entire season and satisfied me. If you had been following our Facebook Page: Yu Alexius Anime Portal, you might be familiar that Kaguya-sama: Love is War had dominated the season for us. So, I’ll start my list of the best anime of the spring 2020 seasonwith our favorite student council group.


Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 2

Studio: A-1 Pictures | Topping our spring 2020 anime season is the 2nd season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War which has been our 19th best anime of 2019. As the only anime that dominated the season in various ways, Kaguya-sama: Love is War season 2 has proven to surpassed its previous season and gave us a fantastic ride filled with humor, romance, high school teenage cliche, and sentimental moments. The student council also got a new member that further bring fun and excitement to the group. Well, I must say that Kaguya-sama: Love is War season 2 had been symbolized by Yuu Ishigami’s highlight, and the romantic progress between Kaguya & Shirogane while the friendship of the student council members grows deeper.

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Ahiru no Sora

Studio: Diomedia | For the 3rdtime, Ahiru no Sora finished inside the Top 10 of our seasonal review, it was at the 10th spot from our Winter 2020 anime season final review. I must say, all the intense drama that has been built up from the previous seasons had been reached its climax this spring. How come that almost every episode had me cried, and the boys from the Basketball team had captured my heart. We all know that each of them is battling their own war and it’s amazing to see them in a new light, beyond what could only be seen in the basketball court. Ahiru no Sora truly had us cutting some onions throughout the season, isn’t it?


Tower of God Anime

Studio: Telecom Animation Film | Alright, we have here a personal favorite of mine and had been quite controversial due to a notorious betrayal. I won’t spill that much here so I can’t spoil anyone but Tower of God has been a fantastic ride despite being dubbed as the Tower of Betrayal. I believe the Tower of God has a perfect blend of action, drama, and comedy, as well as its vivid character designs and visuals, are beautiful. Aside from the wonderful concept provided by the source material, Tower of God anime adaptation had been a good one and was able to satisfy the viewers despite several changes that they made in the story. If you’d been interested in the Tower of God ranking the system, and its characters, you may want to check our post: The Strongest Regulars from Tower of God Anime Series.

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Sing "Yesterday" for Me Anime

Studio: Doga Kobo | Here’s a slow-burning love story that felt so dull but also realistic in so many ways. It is so simple but it hits close to home. Throughout its run, Sing “Yesterday” for Me had given us a real-world romance and drama that any of us can relate ourselves with. Well, we had the four main protagonists in the story, and each of them represents any of us who are struggling romantically while also coping up with life itself. I am personally hit with Rikou’s story because I could relate to him at some point but also annoyed with how lame he was. Nonetheless, I felt it’s okay since, in one way or another, any one of us could be lame and pathetic in various situations.


Fruits Basket Season 2 Anime

Studio: TMS Entertainment | Alright, the 2nd season of the 2019’s remake of Fruits Basketis back this spring and it once again delivers the drama, thus it is landing at our 5th spot. It just fell short a bit from its 4th place spot from spring 2019 anime review from us. I personally felt that the story has been quite dull this season but it is understandable since the anime is 2-cour length and the first half were only made for the built-up of the story for the next cour. I believed the highlight of Fruits Basket season 2 will took place this summer. Nevertheless, we had an awesome moment between Tohru and Kyo, as well as Tohru and Yuki this season, while Akito also showed how psychotic she is.


Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 2 Anime

Studio: Ajia-do | This has been an amazing season with Myne and the rest of the gang from Ascendance of a Bookworm. While it’s far from being excellent, I love how it was able to keep the pace and relaxing ambiance from its previous season last fall. What’s even more amazing is that the nobles finally comes into the picture. I can’t choose who should I choose an as best boy from this series too, I love Ferdinand, Benno, and Fran, and how they cared for Myne for one reason or another. I just wish a 3rd season for the anime will be announced soon. Ascendance of Bookworm is among my top-tiered favorite isekai anime which really established itself from the rest of its contemporaries.


Kakushigoto Anime

Studio: Ajia-do | The drama and comedy are top-notch in this anime. Kakushigoto has been a fantastic ride for me and I love how it deceived us about its plot twist. The storytelling is great with a wonderful soundtrack and visually stunning graphics. It’s a wholesome comedy-drama anime that revolves around an awesome father-and-daughter relationship, and the people around them.

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Hamefura Anime

Studio: Silver Link | From the studio that gave us BOFURI which bring all the sunshine to our winter 2020 anime season, My Next Life as a Villainess or simply known as Hamefura, and sometimes as Bakarina had brought the sun shines radiantly this spring. The plot is nothing spectacular, it’s just another isekai story where the main protagonist has been reincarnated in another world, but this time as a villain. It’s adorable, it’s hilarious and romantic. Our main character Catarina sure defies all odds and made us all fall in love with her. For more isekai recommendation from us, you may check Our Top Isekai Anime Recommendation List.

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Gleipnir Anime

Studio: Pine Jam | Action and mystery makes Gleipnir thrives aside from its intense usage of fan service. I love the concept that we had with Gleipnir although I felt it wasn’t written to its full potential, or maybe we just need a season 2 to finally wrapped its story. There are loose ends in the story but the animation sequence sure is superb as well as the soundtrack.

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BNA Anime

Studio: Trigger | An original anime and BNA simply reminded me of Beastars from last year. The story is really written well with an astounding amount of great animation. The characters are interesting too but the plot seems to be plainly generic and didn’t really resolve the issue of how the 2 races will conquer its differences. Nonetheless, the story is pretty progressive so I wish we could have a sequel to finally see what will happen next.

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Arte Anime

Studio: SevenArcs | Feminism? Well, not really but there’s a fragment of it in this anime called Arte. It’s about a female painter who enters the world where only men were accepted and women were seen as unneeded. She has proven that she’s more than just her gender and her background as a noble, instead she has what it takes to stand on the same ground as men in her chosen field. Arte is a nice and inspiring story that every anime viewers should try to check out too.

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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Anime

Studio: Cygamespictures | From the director of KonoSuba, Princess Connect or simply known as PriConne has been a furball of sunshine this season. If ever you’ll wonder what happened to Kirito from Sword Art Online, fans might recognize him in this anime (haha). The main character Yuuki simply looks like Kirito so maybe our swordsman has been transmigrated in this anime. Nonetheless, the action is good, and the hilarious comedy is top-notched. Not to mention, that the music and the animation quality is really good while the visuals are purely aesthetic. The story isn’t something special, so I’ll give it a low score despite how good the other elements are of this anime. Nonetheless, if you want to have fun and relax, this anime should be included in your watchlist.

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Woodpecker Detective's Office Anime

Studio: LIDEN FILMS | I think this anime failed miserably at playing its main genre as a mystery-investigative side. But it really thrives in its beautiful visuals and scenery, wonderful character designs and music. While the characters are quite interesting, the story is quite complicated to understand or maybe, we just hate the main character who is quite a scumbag or maybe that’s just how poets back to those days behave. Overall, Woodpecker Detective’s Office is a good combination of humor, drama, and some mediocre mystery plot but tolerable at the same time.

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Wave, Listen to Me! Anime

Studio: Sunrise | Minare Koda and her chatterbox personality are just hilarious. Wave, Listen to Mebring us the story of a girl who is working in a diner but also finds her way into the radio as an announcer and a unique one. I have mixed thoughts about this anime, but the characters are all interesting and they’re the reasons why I keep on watching it. One thing for sure is, Wave, Listen to Me is a good anime that every lover of seinen genre will enjoy.


The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? ANime

Studio: Shin-Ei Animation & SynergySp | At the 15th spot of our review is the isekai anime that I find interesting but at the same time underwhelming. I really love the story at the beginning until that sparks eventually faded out later on. It has the potential to be good but I think the story was not that appealing as the succeeding episodes became lethargic.

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And this is where I shall end my spring 2020 anime seasonal review. I will also upload on our Facebook page the result of our Spring 2020 Anime Seasonal Awards, so watch out for it. Please let me know too what’s your top anime of spring 2020 season and what do you think of our list? Drop your comment below!

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